Instagram rolls out new summer-themed filters and Father’s Day stickers

Instagram on iPhone

Starting now, Instagram is rolling out a set of face filters to let users customize their selfies.

The new road trip filter puts you and a friend in a cartoon car with a rainbow in the background. Opening your mouth while in the cartoon car will make it look like you’re speeding down a road. Additionally, there is a new sleep mask filter in which a nod of the head will switch you between day and night and yawning opens a pair of eyes that appear over top of the sleep mask.

Face filters also work with Boomerang, Rewind and other Instagram video formats.

The new filters are available in Instagram versions 10.21 and higher in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

A number of Father’s Day stickers are also set to roll out this weekend.

Throughout the month of June, users will be able to add rainbow-coloured stickers to media they share — all in celebration of Pride 2017.

Source: Instagram blog