Huawei and Ontario government partner to develop 5G network infrastructure


  • this is great. Lets make Ontario the new California

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      If you mean by running up the debt to record levels then, yes we are very much like California.

    • It could be worse. We could have all the debt and a drought.

  • Leif Shantz

    With the overpriced cell phone plans we have in Canada, we probably will blow through the 500 MB limit wifhin one second with 5G network. Hopefully by then, the carriers will be forced to give us unlimited data plans. Probably not likely…….

    • MBTechno


    • HoomanB

      Yep. We could go homeless within the hour 😀

  • BriniaSona

    Time for Robelus to hike prices.

  • Ipse

    I hope someone keeps track exactly how many new jobs will be created. The same story ran a few years back about Cisco investing in the province. Result…? dev/null

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      The only jobs being created in Ontario are the ones the govt pays for. There’s no reason to stay here as a business unless you like seeing the cost of doing business increasing everyday…via hydro rates.

      In the time it took to type this 10 jobs have probably been lost in Ontario.

  • MBTechno

    Hope they bring it to Montreal next! We only have LTE here! Even Banff has LTE-A for crying out loud!

  • the so called “4G” in Canada is not even real 4G yet, since they are all just LTE which is only pre-4G, not the real 4G LTE-Advance. PLus the VoLTE is not even wide-spread yet.

  • I think it is a good idea if someone other than the 3 major providers builds the network, that way we can gain more competition and eventually lower prices? If Robellus builds the network, nothing would ever change

  • RjPiston

    It’s not the speed i care about, LTE is already more than fast enough for mobile devices. It’s the data caps that are the issue!! Faster speeds only mean we’ll be hitting our caps sooner… ugh

  • Jonathan Leong

    Not a big fan of Huawei after news of backdoors in their networking equipment hit the news. I wish this was taken into consideration and the Liberals would consider other vendors like Ericsson or Nokia. I could also just be paranoid.

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