BlackBerry halts latest software update on older devices due to performance issues


  • BriniaSona

    Been using a leaked version of the OS on a Q5 for a while now and I’ve had no issues.

    • JohnsonRodd


    • Raj Brar

      Oh where are the BlackBerry haters? Where are they? Because everyone is a rude boy on the Internet but a wuss in reality.

    • bigshynepo

      Since signing up to Disqus, you’ve yet to contribute anything of worth but I’m giving you points for your username.

      “They can make up anything; nobody knows! ‘Why, well you need a new johnson rod in here.’ Oh, a Johnson rod. Yeah, well better put one of those on!”

    • Anthony Roberts

      I have no problem with my Z30.

    • We are right here JohnsonRodd and this issue is common of every single OS in the entire world. If you find an issue you deal with it and stop distribution of it, fix it then redistribute it. No amount of testing in the world can foresee issues like these. It requires real world people to test. Apple does this by releasing their OS to percentage of real world users first and sees if they report any issues then they release to more then to everyone.. but even after that they still find issues.. Like I wonder how many people this weekend have screwed up DST issues like the last 3 years Apple has been battling with that bug..

      There are no security issues there are no destroyed or bricked devices, it is just minor annoyances..

      This is not an issue, and for you to try to make a big deal of it is you just being a cryboi…

  • disqus_6iaiSc3zxF

    been having serious battery drain since the update. Usually cant make it through the day now, before i could go 2 days without charging

  • St. Misery

    Bummer, their first major update in about 15 months and they botch it.

  • I’ve had no problem with 10.3.1 on either a Z-30 (which my kid has) or my Passport….. and have it on both.

    • bigshynepo

      No problems with it on my Q10, in pre-release or official release. This update was long overdue, it’s wild to put it back in the oven again.

    • Syaz

      Just make sure your kid doesn’t let the battery drain all the way… It’s possible that the device can brick. I have one users at that I manage who let exactly this happen and the phone is completely black. I have tried everything to restore. Just a heads up until they issue a patch.

    • Yes letting a battery drain to nothing and letting them sit is very bad for them.. If you let a battery drain it does have circuitry that will shut down the battery before it is dead dead.. like 5% battery left. But that circuitry also will also create a drain on the battery while it is sitting there doing nothing. If left long enough a cell in the battery can drop to below a safe value and that same circuitry won’t ever let that cell charge again to protect you from it catching it on fire.

      If you ever need to store a battery charge it to 50% (for some reason this works better then 100% it holds its charge for longer at 50%) then store it and check on it every few months..

  • silver_arrow

    Shouldnt they also delay updates for the new ones then?

  • John W

    I got the update a week or so ago on my Q10 and the only issue i have had is the popups for how to do things got annoying. My battery life has improved vastly i would say, and things run much smoother now. I guess i got lucky!

  • xBURK

    Updated my Z30 and Passport weeks ago on Rogers. Everything is perfect.

  • Miranda Leipsig

    Honestly, I quite like it. I use my phone enough that the battery drains before the end of the day no matter what, so I haven’t seen a change.

    The only issue I have had is this: With screen off on face down (inside the enhanced actions(?) section – it has trouble waking if I do that and its in bedside mode. By trouble, I mean I have to battery out it. Solution – turn off that action.

    Overall, it has been pretty good.

  • hoo dat

    I have the update on my old Z10 and current back up; the Z30, and haven’t noticed any issues at all. In fact, battery life on both devices has improved significantly especially on the Z30 where I was expecting it the least. No issues on my Passport where I was originally running an AT&T version months before the official release and received the official update on the first day.

  • Newfangled

    Running 10.3.1 on my Q10 and it’s like a new phone. The performance has improved and the new features are great.

  • AReid

    Rogers BBQ10 has shown zero issues. I guess 10.3.2 is on its way immediately.

  • Michael James

    We’ve 2 Z10’s and 1 Z30 in the family. They run even better after the update. No battery issues what so ever. 10.3 is really great.

  • Anders

    The 10.3 OS is a pretty great improvment on my Z10. However, it has done nothing to help the random reboots that have constantly plauged my phone for months. Unfortantely, I have decided to look for possible replacement Android phones. Otherwise, I still think the Z10 is a pretty amazing phone, however, I just need something that is going to be a bit more reliable.

    • Raj Brar

      Could be a loose battery connection

    • Anders

      I keep wondering that, although, it will randomly reboot just sitting on a table without being touched.

    • Raj Brar

      That is weird, did he ever wipe it?

    • meinimen

      oh here comes Raj to the IT rescue! lmao

    • Do you have a problem with people that support people instead of laughing at them? Welcome to BlackBerry where we support each other…

    • Michael James

      Two Z10’s in the family, never had any random reboot.

    • I have investigated a few of these; if the battery is not at fault (and it may be, try another one if you have it or can find one) you may have one of the Z10s that has a lack of contact between the processor and display backplane (the design uses the display backplane as a heatsink, and there’s thermal paste there.) If so and you catch it in time you can add said paste, but unfortunately what often happens in these cases is that after being flaky for a while the device just flat-out dies due to thermal overstress.

    • Anders

      Thanks for the info! A new battery at $20 is cheaper than buying a new phone so I will certainly try this solution. Also, thank you for bringing the thermal paste issue to my attention. I will look further into this, as hopefully this will be the solution to with the phone’s random reboots. I didn’t realize the display backplane acts as a heatsink.

    • Neither did I until I disassembled one that had failed looking for the underlying cause. 🙂

  • The first 48 hours or so after I initially got the official 10.3.1 update on my unlocked Z30 on Koodo, I was experiencing some pretty serious battery drain issues but after manually holding the power button to reboot five separate times or so, it seemed to fix the issue however It still doesn’t seem to last as long as it did when it was still on the official 10.2.1 update. I’m not sure if it’s because I tend to use BlackBerry Blend a lot in addition to getting a lot of messages on a daily basis.

  • barrist

    ruh roh

  • Jamie

    My father has a Z10 and he just mentioned to me tonight that he had to reconnect his phone to the truck. I wonder why it works on the Classic and not the Z10? Pretty much the same hardware

  • Andrew English

    It may not be a performance issue, but something else that BBRY doesn’t want to say what it is…so they calling it a performance issue. 🙂

  • Kamal Abdullah

    Updated my Q10 to 10.3.1 and I haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever.

    Also have a Z30 and a Passport that I updated to 10.3.1 as well with no issues.

  • yadeed

    Q10 and Z10 were announced January 2013 with Old hardware…BlackBerry is so 2010..

    Qualcomm announces development of the MSM8960 On 17 November 2010…with 32-bit LP-DDR2 memory, MSM8960 can take up to Adreno 305 but BB chose 225..

    Adreno 225 Date of Announcement 01.06.2010: is only Direct3D feature level 9_3 compliant, the shader language is 2.x (Vertex Shader 2.0a, Pixel Shader 2.0b) rather than 3.0

    It is the follow up to Adreno 220 that offers no Direct3D 9_3…The Subsequent Krait designs were to use Adreno 3xx GPUs based on a brand new architecture, but BB chose the old architecture.

    I know blackberry is all about old hardware; why pay $150 for a phone with a better Snapdragon and better Adreno; when you can pay between 500-700 for old hardware….QNX, the apologetics and spin patrol will do the trick….

    • Jamie

      Now criticize the Passports hardware

    • yadeed

      Is the thread talking about the Passport?

    • Jamie

      When you claim that “BlackBerry IS so 2010” you are claiming the current line of phones fits in that category. Choose your words more carefully, you have to either be ready to defend them or admit your error.

    • yadeed

      BB Q10 and Z10 their hardware is from 2010….What is so hard to understand when: Qualcomm announces development of the MSM8960 On 17 November 2010…with 32-bit LP-DDR2 memory, MSM8960 can take up to Adreno 305 but BB chose 225.. Adreno 225 Date of Announcement 01.06.2010:

    • Jamie

      It’s your flip flopping that is hard to understand. Is the Q10/Z10 so 2010 or is BlackBerry?

    • RDF2

      “When you claim that “BlackBerry IS so 2010″ you are claiming the current line of phones fits in that category. ”

      New BB LEAP also uses the old processor MSM8960.

    • Jamie

      The leap is a budget phone, that’s standard for the course troll

    • yadeed

      But I will help you, both phones announced same year Nexus 6 Snapdragon 805 BB Passport Snapdragon 801Quad-core 2.7 GHz Krait 450 Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400GPU Adreno 420 Adreno 330
      Performance Basemark OS II: 1509 Basemark OS II: 628 / Basemark X: 10682 Basemark X: 20901 Display Contrast ratio: Infinite (nominal), 3.543 (sunlight) 1256 (nominal), 2.595 (sunlight)

    • Jamie

      So the Passport is so 2014? BlackBerry does produce the Passport correct? All BlackBerry’s are vertically integrated where as none of the Andoids are. The passport works better with its previous generation hardware

    • Splendid

      No it doesnt. You know that both android (since kitkat) and ios can survive quite nicely on only 512mb of ram, while bb10 REQUIRES 1.5gb just to wake up? That’s pretty sad.

    • yadeed

      Oh man that brought painful memories of my 199$ playbook (you know they wanted originally like 600$)they said the same BS, vertically integrated, old hardware no problem,… Then therir German kaiser had to apologise because their old hardware was DOA and well we know how it upgrade and no more playbook.

    • Jamie

      So what is the issue again? BB10 is a new OS far more advanced than your precious Android. Now that BlackBerry is turning around the trolls are scrambling. Your arguments were barely relevant 2 years ago and they don’t mean squat now.

    • The Dude

      You need to wake up man. Seriously.

    • Jamie

      And there it is, the moment when you realize that your opinion has no level of importance in this discussion and you’re left with nothing. Why don’t you take a break? Enjoy the weekend and leave the intelligent conversation to people with the intellect capable of having it.

    • The Dude

      I laugh at your ignorance, but feel for you being just a serf in the grand scheme of things. Too bad for you.

    • Jamie

      I’m ignorant in which way troll? I only speak of things I know so please point out which comments have shown evidence of my ignorance please.

    • yadeed

      ROTFLMAO, yeah and that vertical integration did great with a decimal upgrade!!! In hardware from 2010. BB is stopping the decimal upgrade to the Q10 that is known for performance issues and Z10 who is buggy and battery is a joke… Just read the forum….Z10 is a bag of hurt.. So much for that vertical integration. Lol

    • yadeed

      Dude again do not confuse announcement with latest spec, you know Krait 400 and adreno 330 was announced in JAN, 2013…

      AND WAS USED IN NEXUS 5 in 2013…

      So no; sorry BB Passport was announced in 2014 and in typical BB nickel and dime fashion they used hardware behind the curve and the competition for what they ask, you $700…

      you know Nexus 6 Krait 450 CPU, and Adreno 420 that was announced in 2014.

    • Jamie

      And the Samsung Galaxy S5. Good point troll

    • yadeed

      Christ Rock used to have a video how not to get your behind kick by the police. I wish he made a video for people not to get ripped off with hardware… but I give you this as reference to help you in your next purchase….you know QNX cannot do the job of a GPU……… GPU Rankings are based on the parameters are evaluated, synthesized from notebookcheck, androidauthority with tools GFXBench, 3DMark, AnTuTu Benchmark.
      Qualcomm Adreno 430
      NVIDIA GeForce Tegra K1
      PowerVR GX6450
      Qualcomm Adreno 420
      ARM Mali-T760
      PowerVR G6430
      Qualcomm Adreno 330
      PowerVR G6200
      ARM Mali-T628
      PowerVR GSX 544 MP4
      ARM Mali-T604
      NVIDIA GeForce Tegra 4
      PowerVR SGX543 MP4
      Qualcomm Adreno 320
      PowerVR SGX543 MP2
      PowerVR SGX545
      PowerVR SGX544
      Qualcomm Adreno 305
      Qualcomm Adreno 225
      ARM Mali-400 MP4
      NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 3)
      Broadcom VideoCore IV
      Qualcomm Adreno 220
      ARM Mali-400 MP2
      NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 2)
      PowerVR GSX540
      Qualcomm Adreno 205
      Qualcomm Adreno 203
      PowerVR 531
      Qualcomm Adreno 200

    • Jamie

      I’ve never heard of Christ Rock. Maybe if you used a blackberry keyboard you could avoid that kind of stupid mistake?

    • yadeed

      And there it is, the moment when you realize that your opinion has no level of importance in this discussion and you’re left with nothing. Why don’t you take a break? Enjoy the weekend and leave the intelligent conversation to people with the intellect capable of having it.

    • Jamie

      Haha, how original. There is the difference between BlackBerry users and people like you. We come up with the ideas that people like you copy. We lead, you follow. Good boy, now go get me a coffee

    • yadeed

      ROTFLMAO….. how old are you 12 y/o !! now go and spend $700 plus HST in your 2010 phone or better sign your worthless life in a 2 year contract… you are the great dear leader… how was your update great leader? did you got it before BB stopped it? Now ask your mother to change your diaper…

    • Jamie

      Actually I am using a company supplied Passport. People like me tend to not have to pay for things like that. Can you please show me again what is 2010 about the Passport? At least you didn’t have to copy me in your last statement. It was juvenile but it was yours.

    • yadeed

      How is your reading comprehension? Is the thread talking about the Passport? but I guess you are another 3rd world brat Infidel, Kafir (كافر‎, كفّار ) , takfiri (تكفيري‎ ), Shirk (شرك‎ širk)… please go and play with your 3rd world alter ego: OU812

    • OU812

      Well I guess one cant argue with a google expert. At the end of the day, it STILL doesnt answer the current dilemma, and from what you jus written classic text book vs real world experience. You just keep defending your android and i”ll keep enjoying my indestructible BlackBerry Passport in the jungles of Malaysia. Peace.

    • yadeed

      Lol… another 3rd world brat… my dear Infidel, Kafir (كافر‎, كفّار ) , takfiri (تكفيري‎ ), Shirk (شرك‎ širk)…. listen to yourself…indestructible BlackBerry Passport in the jungles of Malaysia….well you are another 12 y/o !! please go with your pal Jamie and change your diapers you stink real hard… and I am in a first world country you know Canada…. have that 3rd world country Malaysia found the missing plane from that 3rd world country Airline?… how is the OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT 1972 of your 3rd world country treating you? as a malaysian said Corruption will always be a corner stone of the Malaysian community. go and read the report of transparency international and get some real experience infidel piece of kafir.

    • yadeed

      please go and watch: Zoolander they talk nice about the president of Malaysia, he abolish child slave laws… now you have time to play and waste the time of adulst… I give you the plot…Jacobim Mugatu (Will Ferrell), who signs Derek to star in his “Derelicte” fashion show, then brainwashes him to kill Malaysia’s prime minister…. you can invite the other 3rd world country brat Jamie…

    • Splendid

      That’s one device out of the what… 7 they’ve made in recent history. Worst part is they went backwards after that device with the classic and now the leap garbage.

  • Splendid

    ROTFLMAO. And yet, they continue to use incredibly old hardware in their devices… Too funny.

  • 5tinkyPete

    Compared to iOS 8 bricking iPhone 6 devices this seems pretty minor. When I updated my Nexus to Lollipop it sucked too.

    • Wizzy

      Just updated my Galaxy S5 to Lollipop and it’s never worked better.

  • JohnsonRodd

    I am eagerly awaiting fanboi AnthonyRoberts to defend this one. *sits back with popcorn and waits*

    • Anthony Roberts

      Defend what?? I may love BB10 but I’ve one issue and that is memory leaks a bit so yes there is a problem with 10.3.1 to a degree. My phone app takes up a bit too much RAM sometimes…highest I’ve seen is 150MB of RAM being taken up. This is the first update I’ve gotten since have BB10 I’ve had an issue. To say its a bad issue or affecting my phone in a horrible way…nope :).

      Don’t act like ANDROID OR IOS dont have update issue ESPECIALLY WHEN LOLLIPOP CAME OUT!!! Serious battery drain issues!!! iOS 8 rollout….PSSSHHH Don’t even get me started :).

  • OU812

    I normally don’t comment much but I have to say to those pseudo arm chair ppl playing pretend technologists. Its incredibly easy to quote all kinds of specs and point fingers @ the problems. Until these pseudo techies actually experience producing phones for the masses, their arguments, I feel, are completely useless. Ios, android or Blackberrys will always suffer issues.

    Today’s hardware improvements are incremental @ best. Why only blame the hardware n the company, when the issue is compounded by carrier ” testing”. Lets face it, this is ” the unknown ” variable to each software upgrade we get.

    At the end of the day the end users are the beta testers, plain and simple. Accept it or live off the grid.

    • yadeed

      Have you actually experience producing phones for the masses? Thus your arguments, sorry to say …I feel, are completely useless. The known variable is that they ask more money for their old hardware that it is behind the technological curve. Unless you tell me that 2010 technology: Adreno 225 with LPDDR2 400Mhz single not even dual 32 bit is cutting edge. When their Direct3D feature level 9_3 is just compliant…Never mind expect that they will support Direct X 11.2 or LPDDR4 1600 Mhz one day…or maybe in 2020 when the rest of the world is into something else. Because that’s the trend in most of their phones 5 years, nickel and dime and always behind….I know, I know QNX leverage all that and applications and games do not need a state of the art GPU is just Android and iOS that need it.

    • OU812

      Your assumptions that u know everything is astounding. I never said, even remotely, that I have anything to do with hardware. What I did say its easy to sit back n criticize while looking in from the outside. Although I understand your technical jardon, it still doesnt solve the issues with software n user experience. Software is always playing catch up to hardware. And running the lastest harware esp gpu WILL always have consequences to battery life.
      Mobile tech has always been a slave to battery life. Together with consumer demand for the thinnest phone, how do you solve these problems. Better tech or longer battery life. Sometimes pricing is not always about the latest hardware, but rather user experience.

      And if you cant produce phones on a massive scale as Apple or Samsung, production costs goes up cuz as everyone knows profits in smartphones are small unless is massive quantities. On top of all that u have big players who capitalize on material cost, whereby the smaller players again suffer, not to mention the logistics with global carriers which adds more cost to the phone.

      Since you have all the answers, how do u intend to solve these ongoing issues. Unless u r Apple ( whose valuation is almost a ridiculous trillions $).

    • yadeed

      Dude in 2007 Apple and Google had zero, zilch, zip, nada market share and no production of phones…remember?. At that time the 3 amigos were Nokia, RIM and Win mobile…..Even Bellamer predicted that Nokia will destroy Apple. You talk about user experience, I recall this guy from Europe bitching to the fact that RIM now BB did not even bother to put the letters from other languages in the keyboard like Danish æ, øå, Spanish ñ (eñe), German, Russian etc…never mind Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindu or Arabic…you know like the alphabet and characters used by 3/4 of the people in this planet. Imagine if a chinese phone company try to sell you a phone for $700 with a chinese keyboard or could not even bother to accommodate regional differences in languages… No wonder the user experience never flew in the biggest market China and Japan were Apple dominate the market. I recall the supremo selling RIM in Indonesia calling the genious from RIM now BB amateurs!! in the international scene by the way they treated people and the way they provided the nightmarish user experience to customers, developers and specially their distribution channels…. as they say a colonial always a colonial… so much for their managers with MBA from Toronto Univ and Waterloo University… Lol… they should have hired more indians like Google. Just ask any developer at that time what was the user experience when they had to deal with RIM now BB… yeah they came in 2013 with Z10, Z3, Q10 but as the analyst said they came 2 years too late (google it).. and still the same old BB playing nickel and dime with the hardware and software that needs to piggyback from play store..

      Christ Rock used to have a video how not to get your behind kick by the police. I wish he made a video for people not to get ripped off with hardware… but I give you this as reference to help you in your next purchase….you know QNX cannot do the job of a GPU……… GPU Rankings are based on the parameters are evaluated, synthesized from notebookcheck, androidauthority with tools GFXBench, 3DMark, AnTuTu Benchmark.

      1 Qualcomm Adreno 430

      2 NVIDIA GeForce Tegra K1

      3 PowerVR GX6450

      4 Qualcomm Adreno 420

      5 ARM Mali-T760

      6 PowerVR G6430

      7 Qualcomm Adreno 330

      8 PowerVR G6200

      9 ARM Mali-T628

      10 PowerVR GSX 544 MP4

      11 ARM Mali-T604

      12 NVIDIA GeForce Tegra 4

      13 PowerVR SGX543 MP4

      14 Qualcomm Adreno 320

      15 PowerVR SGX543 MP2

      16 PowerVR SGX545

      17 PowerVR SGX544

      18 Qualcomm Adreno 305

      19 Qualcomm Adreno 225

      20 ARM Mali-400 MP4

      21 NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 3)

      22 Broadcom VideoCore IV

      23 Qualcomm Adreno 220

      24 ARM Mali-400 MP2

      25 NVIDIA GeForce ULP (Tegra 2)

      26 PowerVR GSX540

      27 Qualcomm Adreno 205

      28 Qualcomm Adreno 203

      29 PowerVR 531

      30 Qualcomm Adreno 200

    • yadeed

      Seriously OU812 next time please do not comment and keep working for peanuts and one day maybe,one day you will be able to afford a phone. please watch zoolander

    • OU812

      btw. my beautiful aussie girlfriend was also reading your comments. she was laughing her a*s off ( luv that sexy a*s when she laughs). enjoy your android bro. im done with you.

    • yadeed

      ROTFLMAO my dear OU812 Infidel, Kafir (كافر‎, كفّار ) , takfiri (تكفيري‎ ), Shirk (شرك‎ širk)…. listen to yourself….
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      Dude you cannot escape your skin colour and 3rd world conditions by dating an Australian !!! Lol.. but I feel you, and I dig you…who will date you in your country.. Lol
      Oh boyo, that you are a 3rd world brat just by reading the level of your answers. you made my day. now go back to your sweat shop and keep making my shirts and cheap electronics.

    • OU812

      ahaahhahahahahahahh. Googleman, u ignorant trolll, strikes again. You made our day. You think bcus im Malaysian orgins im muslim n poor. ahhahahahahahhaha. Its incredibly sad that u make fun @ the poor. We jungle trek cus we get our kicks from it. We also get out kicks from skydiving n base jumps. Sometimes, we even let our toys lose with Ducatis @ Willow Springs. Or maybe go drift our modded skylines rigged with Nos.

      Btw, I have been to canada. we went to van isl and kayaked the broken isl. It was amazing. ahhahahahahha. So you see, im not mad @ you. How can I? Instead I pity you bro and I feel sorry for you. I guess I would be bitter too if im not having any sex. Peace.

    • OU812

      btw. my girlfriend jus described who you are. ahhhahahahahahahhaha. she says u a tall skinny dude standing proud in his underwear, holding coles notes in one hand n a giant android in the other. standing next to yur high end pc with a burnt copy of windows. Goooglemannnnn.

    • Price is not always indicative of the chips inside its also about build quality.. I am a BES admin and in the 3 years that I have been managing BB10 devices I have replaced like 3-4 devices and replaced a few broken screens. This is out of about 80 devices. I hand this to their build quality because they are designed for business users that don’t give a crap about devices. I cannot imagine consumer devices would fair the same in an enterprise environment and would be as repairable but an internal IT guy.

      Consumers have no idea why business chose BlackBerry the TCO is so much better then another product out there but they keep going on like its a consumer devices and watching a few CNN segments makes them experst in BlackBerry!

  • I7up2001

    I have no issue with my Z30, my daughter Z10 seems to have less battery , BUT much better than when my friend updated to IOS 8 when it came out, and it turned is IPHONE into a IPOD ….Major update often have issue on older hardware, IOS Droid Windows All had issue at some point, Important thing is how fast they will fix the issue

  • Denton

    Minor bug, nothing like the millions of bricked iPhones. My company upgraded 2- Z30’s and 2- Z10 with no problems, we also have 3- passports which one has encountered minor flicker issues

  • I guess that answers my question from a few days ago about this update fixing the Bluetooth issues.

    • JohnsonRodd

      don’t expect the BB fanbois to come to the rescue on this one

    • It’s not even for me, just a client, but it’s still frustrating.

  • JohnsonRodd

    This is an utter disgrace to Chen and the idiotic management he hired to do the job. Great job Chen! Your first software botch! Keep up the good work!

  • Krzysztof Dmytrów

    My Z10 (STL100-1) has been working properly after 10.3.1 update. Battery life has been improved a little, I haven’t noticed any performance issues, no lags, no overheating, etc. There are some minor issues, for example when having headphones on and turning volume up/down, the sound has some crackles, there are websites, where the browser seems to freeze, but if you change screen orientation or minimise and maximise, everything is fine. Overall, I am very happy with the update :).

  • Jimmy Witts

    My update on Passport has no issues. I am sure soon, they will release a new patch for all the older phones.

  • J-Ro

    The issue they are having is the same I had with the beta. I had to change the radio file to get a better performance out of the battery with my Q10. I hope it is a quick fix for those that don’t have it because it makes the phone feel completely different.

  • Omineca

    There are so many angry people on the internet, fighting over such unimportant things.

  • Wizzy

    At least this won’t hurt their reputation internationally as I don’t know any non-Canadians who have Blackberries.

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  • Erathiel

    My Q10 got the update right after it was released and I had no issues with it whatsoever, other than some UI changes, which is a matter of individual taste. Overall I’m very happy with the update: battery life improved, got some new features, the application grid is now 5×3 (was 4×3 before), Android runtime has improved a lot and now allows for scaling applications. Can’t wait for more goodies coming with the next update (hopefully!) 🙂

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  • Anthony Roberts

    I have zero problems on my Z30 and spare Z10.

  • jefftam

    I’ve noticed that my Classic drains quicker than I would have expected. I’m a heavy user and I usually need to plug it in at the end of the work day. I have a few background apps that I figured were taking too much resources but perhaps its the OS. I also find the reboot situation once in a while. I’ll pick the phone up and its in the middle of a reboot. It doesn’t really affect the use of the phone but it can be annoying sometimes. At the end of the day, this is the best communication device I have ever owned. I’m so glad they brought back the trackpad. There’s so much criticism over going back to ‘old school’, but honestly ‘new school’ really sucks when it comes to text selection and copy and paste functions. Btw, why hasn’t Apple started using glass touch keyboards on their Macs? Aren’t they better?

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