BlackBerry 10 receives a minor software update in preparation for 10.3.1 later this year


  • rd0t

    I know BlackBerry has been playing “catchup” to iOS and Android but the amount of support and updates in the past year has been amazing. Cannot wait for 10.3!

    • Syaz

      Agreed. Since March of last year, I can count at least 7 updates. That’s a pretty good record… almost one every two months.

    • barrist

      Seems the norm though. There’s been 9 iOS updates since iOS 7 (September of last year).

    • Syaz

      Ah, didn’t realize. That’s good to know. I remember the old days with BBOS and Android, prior to 4.0.4. Updates took forever to come out. Nice to see iOS and BB10 are actually taking care of their users by providing updates and listening to their userbase.. This is avast change, particularly for BlackBerry. And barrist, I know you’re anti-BlackBerry, so thanks for posting a level remark.

    • barrist

      Oh yes I remember the BBOS updates… checking Crackberry all the time for leaks. Trying all the custom “Hybrid” OS updates. I swear they were all placebos lol. Fun times.

    • applesue

      i just updated my BB and it updated to iOS7.1? wtf

    • Zainab

      BlackBerry can’t updated to iOS lol…iOS is for Apple…


    Their software team is their best asset right now. If only they could fire entire quality control team as well as cut their partnership with current manufacturers streamline their entire phone line up with foxconn.

    • JTon

      Easy there Mr Armchair CEO 🙂

    • MikeOxlong

      That’s Manic Devlin in the flesh, without the aliases.

  • ambleThought

    FYI 10.3 removes Adobe AIR support so all AIR apps will no longer be installed or appear in the BB Market.

    • Syaz

      Actually, 10.3.1 does. Not 10.3.

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    the 10.3 leak has been running fine for the most part as my daily driver, but i wouldn’t mind down grading to see whats up with this update.

  • Syaz

    You’re so clever and witty!

  • Buzz88

    Fixed a problem I was having Bluetooth in my car, works beautifully now.

    • bebeq10

      that is the message, i have been waiting for since i bought my q10

    • HighFlight

      We have been using BT in the car (Mitsubishi RVR) for months with the BlackBerry Q10 and Z30. It’s always a race to see whose phone connects first as that person gets control of the music for the trip. It works flawlessly with music player, hands-free phone calls, and Navfree or BlackBerry Maps prompts all going at once. I also use SafeDrive or SayIt for hands-free emails and texts and they work pretty well as long as I am careful with my speaking.

  • Ali F.

    After my late HP pre 3, I have tried almost all devices, the latest is xperia z1, and I resold all of them. Now I am really enjoying z10 since over a month. I usually get bored but it seams this won’t be the case.

    Keep the good work BB and good luck. I hope you have lot of it not like webos which I consider the best ever or so far.

  • HighFlight

    It’s too bad that a negative media image, ineffective marketing, and carrier resistance means few people have these BlackBerry 10 phones in their hands – ‘this is not your father’s BlackBerry’. My wife’s new Z30 is an astounding merge of hardware and software, and for us the high level of personal security is a real bonus.

    We loaded the latest of the many OS updates yesterday, considered just a minor tweak, and already there are tangible improvements in Bluetooth, music player, and especially the launch time of Android apps. The browser was already lightning fast. I look forward to utilizing a 64+ GB SD card soon.

    • June

      Yes! I totally agree with you. I don’t really know what the media has against Blackberry. I just picked up a Q5. I’m between contracts and I had to replace an Android with chronic malware problems. I’m super cautious and I still got infected. My last serious PC infection came from a 5 1/4 floppy in 1993.

      I’m so happy with this phone! It has to be the nicest operating system out there right now. It’s safe, reliable, stable and fast. I don’t worry too much about downloading an app that is going to infect my phone and network. I have reception where other people don’t. It’s not nearly as tough as my old Curve 8330, but I know that it will stand up a lot better than the Samsung Galaxy phones.

      BYOD makes me shake my head. It’s all about being cheap. After a few good network breaches, lawsuits and fines, I think that these corporations are going to rethink things and go back to issuing Blackberries. Anything else is more trouble than its worth. Business and government users are the bread and butter for this company. Once they win them back, they will do well again.

      BB needs to get off their butts and start promoting themselves aggressively. If I had gone by some of the reviews that I read, I would have never bought this phone. The American reviews are really brutal.

      I can’t wait until my contract is up. I’ll definitely be getting a Z30 or whatever replaces it.