Nexus 5 release date rumours: Google Play on October 31st, Canadian carriers on November 8th


  • Raven66

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jb

      Yes!!! Let’s get excited about a baseless rumor…I’m done hypebeasting this phone…I’ll buy it when and where ever its available….

  • silver_arrow

    Also assuming a decent carrier of contract price this could be free on the $50 Wind plan with the $400 tab.

    • deltatux

      That’s assuming that the device is not retailing at ~$599 like it did at launch through carriers. Do remember that Google did subsidize the prices on the Google Play Store. You’re unlikely to get this phone for “free” until maybe when the clearance happens for this device. Hell, the Nexus 4 is still being sold for $449 outright from WIND and that’s lowered from the launch price.

    • Comrade Yeti

      And its still $300 from Koodo. Shop around

    • JB

      and was $250 on the Google Play Store (when supplies lasted).

  • Unwound

    dammit google, get it together!

  • Max Fireman

    October 31st = Halloween Tech Candy!!

  • KiwiBri

    Noooo!!! I’m away and have no internet connection untll Nov 2!!! AGH!!!

    • Jonathan G.

      On the bright side of it, by the time you get back perhaps everybody that wants the phone perhaps will have gotten theirs already because they wanted to do first day purchases.

    • KiwiBri

      AS long as I can get it from Google themselves!

  • gq_wolf

    Yea, it was also rumored to be announced today. Time to stop reading these rumored articles. Can’t be a legit source when they aren’t even telling us what is happening at the press event right now. At least Apple does screw us around like this.

  • MapleSyrup

    Trick or Treat?

    • Tiago

      trick is what a hooker does for money 😀

    • Tommy Thompson

      *looks at children* …OR candy!!

  • Jonathan G.

    Was there any news from that google play store event that was suppose to happen tonight? Not necessarily about the N5 but just in general that is note worthy?

    • Louis

      From what I heard, it was a repeat of everything Google Play does and a party. Nothing much to report.

  • Marc Young

    I’m going to grab mine from the Google Play Store whenever its available. I tried to get a Nexus 4 from the Carriers and they wouldn’t sell me one outright, only on contract. Also, the carrier pricing will likely be higher than the Play Store.

    • Jonathan G.

      For purchase out right yea it would be but if you were to get it as an upgrade then most likely it wouldnt as they would be subsidising part of the price for the phone.

    • KiwiBri

      The carriers often carry a different build from the Google Play Store one right? So you’re dependent on carriers releasing the Android updates.. right?
      Plus are the carrier ones “branded” or locked?

    • Marc Young

      No, all Nexus phones are the same. Factory SIM unlocked, unbranded and quick OTA updates. It is pretty much what every other carrier phone isn’t. If you don’t get the OTA update pushed to your phone right away, you can always download the factory image from Google and update it yourself.

    • ErikRP

      The only difference buying from a carrier versus straight from the Play Store is the markup the carriers put on the phone. That is assuming they will even sell it to you without a contract. Which I guess is a second difference – no contract with the phone you buy from Play Store.

      Otherwise they are identical.

  • Threecube

    If I go trick r treating at the google office, will they give me a KitKat? or a phone?

    • Nathan

      Both and a plush.

  • RG

    Does the October 31st actually say 2013? Just being silly … too many rumours 🙂

  • wintermyst

    Can’t wait!

  • Anthony Ly

    Don’t know if i should wait for the canadian carriers or just buy from google and pay for shipping… cause maybe i might save a few bucks if the carriers sell it for the same price but no shipping fee ++++

    • thequinox

      Most carriers won’t sell it to you outright without at least signing up for a one month plan. If you’re planning on switching carriers then that’s fine, but I wouldn’t plan on buying from a carrier that you’re not a current customer with.

    • deltatux

      You can likely get the device as a prepaid device without actually signing up, if they force you, then put like $10 towards the prepaid.

  • John

    Buying from Google. Can’t wait!!!

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Not that it’s necessary or in any way will be a deal breaker for me, but I’m curious, this thing won’t support Rogers’ LTE max band correct? The LTE bands are set in stone and won’t be adjusted according to market?

    • Sierra Tango

      It supports Rogers’ 1700 LTE frequency but not the 2600. This is assuming the leaked specs are true.

    • PeZzy

      2600 MHz doesn’t travel very far.

    • Louis

      Personally I’m more excited by the 700 MHz auction and getting some of that US LTE bandwidth north of the border. 🙂

  • CD

    Question: Will the Google Play version work on Fido? If so, what would be the difference in buying it from the Google Play store compared to buying it from the carrier?

    • Savbers

      Yes. Price.

    • deltatux

      All Nexus devices sold are already unlocked (even if sold at a carrier). It has pentaband HSPA+, which means it’ll work on essentially every Canadian carrier except Public Mobile. Based on other LTE enabled devices, LTE will not likely be global, but will at least work in North America. Hopefully this may change with the Nexus 5, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Adam

    Anyone know if this will be on Sasktel network? This would be awesome if it was!

    • Jesse

      They had the nexus 4 so I don’t see why they wouldn’t carry the N5 as well

  • Aleks

    Kitkat treat for Halloween

    • Louis

      Marketers at Google were like, we could launch 2-3 weeks earlier, but that’s too good a line to pass up. 🙂


    HMMM should I get the Moto X today or wait a couple weeks for a chance that it won’t be on the Canadian Play store or worse yet, sold out in minutes then waiting another couple months? 😛

    • rgl168

      That would depend on the specs of Nexus 5. If there are features that you want that are available on MX but not on N5, there is nothing to be ashamed of for getting MX.

    • BMSMA

      What half specs? Sure the Moto X has a lower clock CPU but it also is a 8 core setup (practically no lag), and has a 10MP camera and its active notifications is pretty neat, not to mention touchless actions (N5 supposedly will have that too).

      Battery life would be questionable, 2300mAh on a 5″ 1920×1080 (more pixels to process) compared to a 2200mAh on a 4.7″ 1280×720, my HTC One X with a 1800mAh of the same screen lasts a great deal.

    • PeZzy

      Snapdragon 800 is gentle to batteries.

    • rgl168

      As you said, “*assuming* all of the details… are correct”. What if your assumptions are incorrect?

      Thank you, but I’ll wait for the official announcement before making judgement.

  • Dahn Balan

    Wait, So can’t I just order the Phone from the Playstore? (I’m a Canadian) Instead of waiting for it to come out to the Carriers. And is it just Canadian Carriers? Not US Carriers? Hm….

  • Chino XL

    Who knows what to expect??? releasing pictures of a unreleased phone is such a strip tease, but i won’t let rumors spoil my appetite. whenever, wherever, i will buy it then and there.

  • swag


  • Technodork

    OMG it all makes sense now. Kit Kat Halloween, hand in hand hello. Oct 31st makes soo much sense!

    • PeZzy

      Bingo! 🙂

  • John

    Hey Ian, can you clarify the available from the play store date for Canada? Will it be Oct 31 or Nov 7/8?

  • SimaYi

    Is this one of the same anonymous sources that “tipped” The Nexus 5 to be made available October 14th, October 15th, October 24th, and October 25th? Those dates have come and gone, so now its time for new rumors! The only surprise Google has for October 31st is more tricks and no treats.

  • Martin Brochu

    As much as I would love it to be true, unless MobileSyrup is hiding us evidences or other sources, there is just not enough to determine any date. Carriers are sent devices pictures, specs, etc months in advance. Of course they have an NDA with Google or Asus but regarding release dates, it is up to Google. Expected sales vs current inventory normally determine the release date.

  • G Cooper

    Gawd, i hope so! I wish they would just announce the damn thing already! I have to get rid of this iphone 4! STAT!

  • IceColdBear

    Is it compatible with Mobilicity? Wasn’t sure. Thanks!

    • Tiago

      yeah pretty sure it will be , i have a nexus s on Mobi cant wait for the nexus5

  • Tiago

    was it like this with the nexus 4? usa 1st then canada a few days later?

  • Henry Ya

    I have a hardware upgrade right now. Should I buy directly from the playstore or get the N5 throught carrier and renew my contract?

    • Maeltne

      Not enough information. It’s a strictly numerical calculation. Compare cost with carrier Vs cost with playstore, taking into account the value of keeping/selling your current phone.

  • rockman29

    Oh dear that thing is beautiful 🙂

  • Dahn Balan

    Man. Google is such a Troll

  • Maeltne

    Bad campaign. Was super excited, but the excitement peaked in the third week of October, now I’m just feeling blue-balled. Will buy something else.