Asus Transformer Prime receives update to boost performance and battery


  • Cdub

    I ditched my TF201 Prime on ICS/4.0 because the browser would constantly pause for 2-3 seconds under normal browsing. It didn’t matter which browser was used.

    Nice to hear it might be fixed.

  • deltatux

    I thought that with the TF300 out and TF700 coming out that ASUS would quietly skirt us TF201 adopters under the rug and believe that product never existed. Good to know ASUS didn’t leave us hung to dry after surprising us with a new product launch to replace our tablets 1 month after launch and because of its GPS failures…

    Good to know they’re still willing to update this older tablet.

  • Corey

    Asus is well known for supporting its customers. Just look at how they still make bios updates for motherboards/laptops even two years later.

  • Vakbrain

    I have a TF201 WW version (canada) and I got the update yesterday night. It’s even smoother now. I love my Prime even more.

    I never used the stock browser… DOLPHIN HD FTW! 🙂

  • Patrick Ridge

    Well, just finished the update. My primary “hope” was to be done with the browser not responding wait/close. Guess what? They made it worse! The browser seems to be a little snappier in terms of response, and I noticed that the tab key will move from field to field now; however, the broswer hung on me five times in the first five minutes following the upgrade. I have tried all of the other android browswers, monkeyed around with makig flash on demand, etc etc etc. Maybe another update will address this, the one bug that the Tf201 has that makes me sad.

    • nrgyzr

      This was my one hope as well. I still have the problem too.

  • josh

    Ever since the update the Prime seems to glitch on the left side of the screen when using the GPU. Very annoying and Im wondering if others have a similar problem.

    • nettech

      the left side glitch happened before the update I know a few prime users that have th same issues it all depends what app they have been useing as soon as they close it out the glitch seems to disapear

    • Geoff

      Have the exact same problem. For about 3 months before this update I never had a GPU/screen glitch. Now I get it every so often during use, does not seem to matter what app I’m using. It’s on the left side for the most part, hozitontal lines that “dance” about and I also find that some sub-menus to the right of the screen at the time flash…..

      Humm….not too keen now, going to see if I can go back a revision.

  • PumaYaYa

    Been using Virtous Prime ROM….hoping they update soon as well.

  • Mike

    Hope this fixes the browser issues. Had the Prime since launch day… its very glitchy. Wish I never sold my TF101, it ran 100 times better. WiFi on the Prime is terrible as well… very disappointed.

  • John Smith

    Updated my prime yesterday. Battery life has been far better so far, not that it was bad before. Not sure about the speed, it might be slightly snappier but not hugely improved..