CLEARNET, once again, decides to stop activating new clients, existing customers will join TELUS


  • Andy Warhol

    Wow, that’s news to me. I’ve worked for Telus as a sales rep for the last few years (in BC), and didn’t hear anything about a Clearnet re-launch. Must have been only in the Vancouver metro region.

    • Sean

      I live in Metro Vancouver and have never seen nor heard anything about clearnet other then on this site. Theres a lot of Telus and Koodo stores though.. twos enough for thme

    • Theywillbepissed

      Wow there’s a shock! I’m not surprised, Telus made absolutely no effort to market Clearnet. As a resident of Calgary, I didn’t see a trace of Clearnet, nor did I hear of any reboot. Had it not been for mobilesyrup, I would have had no clue the carrier existed. Aside from that, the carrier had no good phones, and plans were even worse value then Telus, so I’d be surprised if the carrier had any subscribers at all.

    • chall2k5

      Telus launched the brand in Kelowna and Red Deer, that was it.

  • riiiiggght

    not a surprise, chatr is next to close up shop

  • cody

    I don’t see how these branch offs are any better than focusing on the big 3 at all.

  • Alex Perrier

    No worries. Someone else posted that on Wikipedia, so they get the credit.

    This was just a marketing trial anyway, so Telus picked some of the not-so-big cities. There was also at one point an unlimited talk and text plan offered at Telus Prepaid in Toronto for a very limited time.

    i don’t know for sure what the future brands, but it will likely be the other Big 3 flankers (Virgin, Fido, Koodo) that will make their pricing more reasonable as WIND (mainly) becomes more competitive. Perhaps an Ontario-only plan with unlimited goodness?

  • Nick

    Maybe they should stop blowing smoke up everyones butt and just offer better plans on their already existing brands instead of having to come up with these silly brands that just cost them more money (marketing, stores etc) to offer a better deal then what already exists.

  • Graham

    Clearnet was back? Too bad, loved Clearnet back in the day. I still think telus made a great purchase, basically did their marketing plan off of it ever since.

  • Brad

    No wonder it failed, most people probably didn’t even know it was relaunched.

  • jason

    was a sad day in 2000 when telus bought clearnet.

  • EvanKr

    $30 unlimited talk and text isn’t that bad of a deal. Not as good as WIND mind you, but pretty good considering it’s from one of the big 3.

  • Baho Pwet!

    Loved Clearnet before Telus bought them out.

    WIND…thank you. A big pat on the back for yourselves!

    Mobilicity…no thank you. You’re not even a blip on the cellular market. Maybe at most a 5 city blip.

    • SpectrumSchmectrum

      Mobilicity isn’t a blip. It’s more like a zit that won’t go away. A blackhead that has no money because its poor and can’t attract customers.
      Customers that have a social life don’t choose Mobilicity.
      Virgins definitely.

  • Atrix

    Good riddance to a useless brand in an overcrowded market!

    • skullan

      Bell -> Solo -> Virgin
      Telus -> Koodo -> Clearnet
      Rogers -> Fido -> Chatr
      Public Mobile

      I count 6 companies. Not over-crowded at all…

  • foneguy

    Clearnet was launched as a trial in Kelowna and Red Dear only, as a Cell + Home bundle, unlimited talk and text.
    They were testing the water to see if there was enough interest for a province wide launch. There was no stores, all done online or by phone. But since Koodo is such a suscess, there really wasn’t a need for yet another sub brand, and they pulled the pin. No surprize.

  • aregularonhofo

    Wind Mobile will be the only new entrant to survive and rightly so, the others deserve to fail for their poor service including lousy method of operation and should not be given support. As a sub brand the new Clearnet had no chance and why bottom of the barrel newbies will either go bankrupt or be sold.

  • John

    Sigh, the future was friendly

  • MA

    Clearnet was a warning shot at Shaw, and with Shaw completely backing away from their wireless plans it didn’t serve much purpose any more.

  • Marion

    Lolz..that is all

  • leaffan

    Good riddance to them. Roger’s Chatr is next, along with Bell’s Solo. I’m tired of the Big Three stealing the new entrants’ business platforms and selling it as their own.

    What makes Rogers, Bell and Telus even more pathetic is that eventhough they currently own about 91% of the cellular market, they seem scared of the new entrants. Rather than changing their business models so that they can be competivite with the new entrants and do business honourably, they want to play dirty and open up little ‘clones’ of the new entrants and squash them like bugs.