Toshiba unveils “Shapes” tablet lineup: Oblong, Rhombus and Amore

Toshiba just released the incredibly thin Excite 10 LE Android tablet, but now they’ve set their eyes on capturing an untapped market . They’ve created a few new tablets that fal under the “Shapes” brand, these are an “exclusive line of tablets designed to match your personality and style.”

So far Toshiba has created 3: The Oblong which has a tag line of “Technology that’s come full circle”, the Rhombus that’s “More than just a convex quadrilateral”, finally the unique looking “Amore” that Toshiba describes as “This is one heart you can play with.”

No indication of specs but Toshiba really has something here. Check out the video after the break

Source YouTube
(Thanks JJ – Yes, this is an April Fools’ Day prank)