Is Motorola’s first Intel Medfield-based Android device called the RAZR Blade?


  • jon_d0e1

    looks awesome, hopefully this has:

    -hdmi port – (i rewired my whole house with hdmi in each room)
    -removeable battery (i like to carry 10 batteries with me at all times)
    -7″ super amoled plus screen (5.3″ is getting too small)
    -made of plasic (because i tend to drop my phone from 10ft high.. a lot)


      NO 7″ is too big for me 5.3 good size i can go up to 6″

    • Quagmire

      what about BlackBerry Blade?

  • Android.yyz

    I want this, Telus better include it in their line up* But i think if anything it will be a Rogers thing 🙁

  • hd1

    How long until Rogers shoots it at a cake or something?

  • tweak_four17

    Thumbs up if you’d rather have a phone that is 12mm thick with double the battery than a phone 7mm thick that barely lasts 8-12hours.

  • Gizmo

    Looks great… however it make me already want the RAZR Blade MAXX.

  • tweak_four17

    Also are those circle widgets avail in the play store? They look cool.

  • Nick

    I’m glad Motorola is ending the flimsiness wars and throwing in bigger batteries. By the time I buy my next phone, hardware will be incredible from all brands and my decision may just come down to battery life.

  • ActivesiN

    good to see Motorola keeping the trend of big batteries going

    I love my nexus S, but I would like it to last the whole day with data on

  • Dalex

    The software side looks really nice (I like those big circles and stock looking ICS), but the phone looks meh…

    Still an Intel SoC sounds quite promising.

  • gogakhan

    The phone looks exactly like the RAZR MAXX. However, I would wait to see the comparison of Intel with the ARM based phones already out before jumping ships.

    But I really want those Circle Widgets. I guess Moto has left its drab launcher look for a new modern sleek feel.

    Loving it already!

  • Mark

    Hmmm…. wonder what the tag line will be

    “Experience the smooth with our Razr Blade.”
    “Shave away the competition with the new Razr Blade”
    “Of course our Razr Blade has a chin, but at least it’s not Lenos'”
    “Always smooth with the new Razr Blade”
    “Keep Android smooth with a Razr Blade”

  • Theywillbepissed

    Ugly, that extra chin on the bottom shouldn’t exist

  • dvmoo7

    @ Mark..
    “Cut down your daily task with Razr Blade”
    “Razr Blade, a cut above the rest”
    and finally…….
    ZZtop playing in the background and the voice saying ” finally a Razr Blade for the sharp dress man”

  • Zanzee


    It’s 7.7mm as in the thinkness not 7″ as in screen size.

  • Justin

    @Zanzee – No, he really means 7″ in screensize. Sarcastically, of course.

    @Gizmo – This phone is rumoured to have a 3300mAh battery… Would the max have a 5500mAh battery?

    @Dalex – The software view is just a render. It’s not actually real or what Moto is using. It resembles stock ICS, which Moto will not use – they will release these phones with the Blur overlay.