Bell Let’s Talk Day numbers: 78,520,284 calls, texts and retweets raised $3,926,014.20

Bell “Let’s Talk Day” was yesterday and Bell donated 5c for every text message sent, long distance call made and every retweet on Twitter. The goal was to raise as much money as possible to support Mental Health issues. Last year Bell raised $3,303,961.80 and this year they wanted to surpass this number. A press release was just sent out that stated Bell customers raised $3,926,014.20. In total 78,520,284 calls, texts and retweets were made across Canada.

George Cope, President and CEO of Bell said “Canadians talked about mental health like never before on Bell Let’s Talk Day – your more than 78 million calls, texts and tweets mean Bell Let’s Talk will donate $3,926,014.20 more to mental health in Canada. On behalf of Clara and the national Bell team, our sincere thanks to all of you and to all our partners for your unprecedented support in the fight against the stigma of mental illness.”

It’s good to see that Bell included Twitter in the mix… this was most likely the reason for the $622,052.40 increase over last year.

Source: Bell