Day 10 of Google’s 10 Billion App Downloads promo has Heavy Gunner 3D, Puffle Launch, and other repeats for 10 cents

Here’s the final day in the 10 day, 10 cent app in Google’s “10 billion” app promo. It was a good ride that saw mostly games, solid titles at the start but faded with some repeats halfway through. Regardless, the promo was a great idea and probably generated some cash for developers, an increase in app downloads for the Android Market, and good times for Android users. Here’s day 10:

Sentinel 3 (Repeat)
Apparatus (Repeat)
Camera Zoom FX
Star Chart (Repeat)
Colour and Draw for Kids (Repeat)
Shine Runner
Puffle Launch
Talking Ben The Dog
Heavy Gunner 3D
TileStorm HD

How many apps over the past 10 days did you download?

More app here from the Android Market
Via: Reddit