Day 8 in Google’s 10 cent, “10 Billion” app promo brings FlightTrack, HD Widgets

We’re now into day 8 of Google’s “10 billion” app promo, this has seen various apps drop to a dime, mostly games. Day 1-4 were solid, but over the past few days we’ve seen some repeats and the popular title fade – however, at 10 cents it’s a great deal and good on Google for the promo. Another change on Day 8 is the main banner in the Market. It’s changed from “10 days of offers, Top premium apps, 10c per app”, to “10 days of offers, Top premium apps, 90% off”. Here’s the list for Day 8:

Instant Heart Rate – Pro
Where’s My Water?
Train Conductor 2: USA
HD Widgets

Plus, apparently Sketchbook Mobile, Flick Golf, Shazam Encore, Slide IT Keyboard, Christmas HD have all repeated again.

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Via: Android Central