Virgin looking for 5 Galaxy Nexus “Tester Team” members, will give you a free Galaxy Nexus


  • Monkeysweat

    not manitoba either because of network

  • Chad

    It is only open to people that are subscribed to Virgin Mobile.

  • Beso

    sucks only for Virgin Mobile customers!

  • EmperumanV

    Agreed, pointless for Bell customers… ugh… Bell should do something like this.

    • Spot The Loon


      You are assuming Bell cares about their customers and their experiences.

  • DJM

    The thrill of living in Quebec… *sigh*

  • Olivier

    why is quebec not part of this anyway.

  • E

    Caliss de Quebec a marde

  • Bob

    Because Quebec thinks they are a country.

  • wewewi

    Le premier parti qui va promettre d’abolir ces estis de lois là va avoir mon vote.


    I never understood why Qc is excluded from most giveaways…*sigh

    • E

      Cause companies are gonna have to pay a fee for the Regie des alcools des courses et des jeux du Quebec because of a f*ckn law. So they say f*ck it.

  • wuttuss

    because virgin need ppl to respond in english

  • Carter

    It looks like you are only really considered for this competition if you have a twitter follower base of x. If not, no chance! Sucks to be me.

    • Dan Levy

      From what I saw the rules say that you only need to “have an active Twitter account.” It doesn’t say anything about a number of followers.

      Alas, I can’t try and enter because I’m not a Virgin customer. I am also sort of surprised that they can’t/won’t give you an unlimited data plan on your account while you’re trying the phone out. Maybe it is because they want people to experience real world usage with regard to data limits when they’re testing the phone?

  • Louis

    [sovereigntydebate]Hey bob, if they think they’re a country why dyou think the vote hasn’t passed at the referendum and why is it a declining trend?

    ok not the place for that, but boourns, i dont wanna become a Virgin!!!

  • mike

    Gotta be a Virgin sub to take part. That sucks

    • Nasrin

      thecanadiantraveler:Comfort Inn Brossard, QCI stayed very blfriey at the Comfort Inn while driving from Nova Scotia to Ontario.This was not a leisure trip, but a move, and the hotel was just a pit stop. I checked in late, and it was one of few budget hotels/motels in the area with a front desk open at this time, so that’s where I ended up.The rate wasn’t bad, $89.99 for a double bed. The hotel location was convenient, and there were restaurants, gas, major highways etc. nearby and it was just outside of Montreal, minutes to downtown. I arrived speaking very little french but both staff members I dealt with were friendly, helpful, and well versed in English. We had no communication problems as far as language barriers go anyway.There was one issue that was not communicated to me until I arrived. I was travelling with my pet, and had to pay a $25 surcharge, which I was informed about. Though I think this is a bit steep, especially where I doubt they do any additional cleaning, I was willing to pay this. The issue was, that pet owners are also forced to stay in smoking rooms. I was not informed of this, and by the time I arrived (11 pm, after, as mentioned most other motel reception areas had closed), I had little other option. This wasn’t just a smoking room, it was like a bingo hall. I usually don’t let this sort of thing bother me, but the smell/air quality was terrible. I had a hard time sleeping. All in all, I ended up in the room for 7 hours, managed to sleep off and on for 4, and paid $132.99 or thereabouts for it not worth it.

  • EmperumanV

    @Spot The Loon I wasn’t assuming that Bell cares about their customers. I was emphasizing that Bell SHOULD care about their customers. I’ve been a Bell Mobility customer since 2008 and I am just itching to leave them. All that will change in Jan when I am planning to move to the states for law school.

    And here goes the thread/topic going off topic about Quebec…

  • Mark

    Manitoba is a country now?

  • Steven

    Well, Bell owns Virgin Mobile in any case. This information will likely be relayed to Bell, regardless.

  • vuvanthanhvnmn

    more android garbage, i will stick to my QUALITY iphone 4s product

    • John


    • ipwn74

      u suck p***s

  • Dan

    This is why Virgin rocks! I’ve already won concert tickets with them and my bill was halved for three months just for complaining about a delayed firmware update! Nobody beats them.

  • Ted

    kind a sucks that mobile syrup was kind a late to post this. starts November 25 but today is novemeber 29. so its kinda late to the game. virgin probably already picked the 5 candidates weeks ago.

    • Dan

      I just got Virgins tweet today. It’s not a one day contest, I’m not worried that my changes are gone. 🙂

  • blublu

    I live in quebec and just signed with virgin. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • kenny

    Quebec is probably not included cause people from Quebec probably wouldn’t be able to read the English Contest rules, and also wouldn’t be able to hand in their comments about what they thought of the phone in English to Virgin. And you know those dam Quebec people are so hard up about their French language and never want to learn the primary language of the world called English. Its not fair that Ottawa has to be fully bilingual with English and French, but the dam Frenches in Quebec only have to be all in French. 99% of Canada all know English and Only like 1% know French, so who really cares bout French. English is the Worlds language anyway. It would be easier if the 1% of French speakers learn English, than 99% of English speakers learn French. And French is only in small parts of Quebec anyway. Its about Time Quebec gets on board with reality, and starts getting their residences to finally learn the real important language called English.

  • Jim

    F**k you Virgin, why do you need testers when people are going to buy the phone with your shitty/overpriced service. Better CS than Bell is why people goes for your service and not their “Fake” no term contracts. Honestly I thought since Bell own this company years ago, the attitude also comes over with the Brand.

  • PR0ud Candadian

    qeubec at it again!!

  • PR0ud Candadian

    Well what do you know!
    quebec invokes the not-withstanding claus just to be di-stink-t!
    Your aloud to deport the traiters so deport quebec NOW!

  • shaggyskunk

    Doesn’t everyone know, why Quebec isn’t included….? No VIRGINS in Quebec…!

  • Richard

    Virgin is the best big three sub brand if your into higher end phones period. Koodo got the boot when they changed the expiry date on my cc for automatic billing, and tried to call me with voice dialer. A simple phone call from a person telling me that they couldn’t process my card would have saved there representatives a the pleasure of hearing my choice words. Anyways with virgin now and couldn’t be happier.

  • Richard

    You need a permit to have a garage sale in Quebec. To many regulations. Vive Alberta

  • Bryan

    Another great contest by MS!!!


  • Mike

    I’m selling a Supercharger and Stage 2 Camshaft for a3800 Motor.
    If anyone is interested them call me at 416 799 3196

    • ipwn74

      and you say this now?