Rogers on the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE: “we still expect it will ship this week”


  • Rexuslexus

    Our corporate Rogers rep has told us that business customers can expect to wait behind the general public for this phone, as we get seconds…. Hopefully sometime next week.

    Stupid public… jk I’ve been waiting for months now!!

  • LOL

    Inside scoop: Apple sets restrictions to providers on how soon they can release a new phone after their launch, which in this case is approximately one month. Keep your eyes on the calendar date and when it will be available, you’ll see what I mean 😉

    • Crackhead

      I call horseshit on this one lol

  • Dodger

    It sure is shiny!

  • solomon

    Thank You Ian and MOBILESYRUP!!!!!!!!

  • Shaggyskunk


  • BeepBeepBoopBeep

    Quite honestly the best all-around mobile phone out there right now.

  • Me2


  • HershL

    Thanks for the update guys. I wish this had been a bit more scathing and reflective of the fiasco that many long time customers are facing.

  • soulstar

    “LOUD NOISES!!!”

  • soulstar

    Seriously though, this statement is all well and good, but I’ll believe it when the device is in my hands. I moved from 23 to 14 after the early shipment and nothing has changed since.

  • jaydee

    I reserved this phone when it was announced but now I want the Galaxy Nexus. This phone is old already.

  • Jeff

    Now “In Progress” on the waitlist.

  • Iondroid

    I officially have no number on the reservation system. Not sure what that means but it just says “in progress”

  • Iondroid

    Just saw this! “ORDER INFORMATION
    Shipping process has begun. Additional changes cannot be made. An email with shipping details has been/will be sent to you.” YAY!!!

  • Mitch Bundy

    Woot. Marked as “In Progress”

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    In Progress as well. Gonna have to return this Raider I picked up yesterday.

  • soulstar


  • Baester

    First to bring LTE to all Canadians*!

    (tiny legal at the bottom)
    * Rogers defines ‘all Canadians’ as any number greater than 9.

  • Pstevenp

    I was #893 this morning at 9:00 am. Now Rogers no longer has a number for me, but it’s saying ‘In Progress’. So looking good I guess.

  • Iondroid

    Get ready to Geek Out people! They are actually being shipped! Waiting for that email to come through my inbox!

  • Mike

    I was number 71 on the reservation list but I canceled my order to wait for the Galaxy Nexus. Galaxy S2 has been out for 6months now, I’m not going to pay 200$ for a phone that you can find for 50$ at other providers because it’s been out for awhile. Bad business model Rogers.

  • Jesse

    I was number 1059 last night, my status now reads “in progress”. I hope this phone arrives instore by Friday!! :))

  • Jordan

    Mine says “in Progress” too. For my wifes iphone 4S once the status turned to “in Progress” the phone was available in the store for pick up two days later!

  • Mark

    The LONG wait for this phone looks like it’s finally going to fruit something that’s to the proding form Mobilesyrup! Thanks for bringing this issue to light!

  • Iondroid

    I hope it ships today but I doubt it. Probably looking at a Saturday pick up! 🙁

  • x

    as of 8:30 this AM I was #393, at 10:30 my status changed to “in progress”!!! its about time!!

  • Paulman

    Mike, I know what you mean. It bugs me that other providers have the Galaxy S II X (Telus) for $199, which is the same phone as the Rogers version except with 42Mbps HSPA+ instead of LTE & 21Mbps HSPA+. Or the regular Galaxy S II (Bell), which doesn’t have LTE, which goes for $50 or $0.01 on Free Phone Friday at Future Shop.

    But as I noted, they’re not exactly the same phone. But I’m not happy that Rogers gives a $450 discount with contract ($199.99 vs. $649.99) but $500 discount with the Motorola RAZR. While Telus gives a $500 discount on its Galaxy S II and Bell gives probably a $500-600 discount.

    But if we’re willing to pay it, then I guess Rogers can charge it? 😛

    • lady_di

      Just wait for a few weeks until the Nexus comes out…. they’ll drop the price of the S2 LTE to get some good sales of the Nexus, and it’ll end up being $99 too!

    • Crackhead

      Thumb down for rambling.

  • Jon

    Hang on… if Rogers hasn’t shipped this LTE phone yet, and Bell is already selling the HTC Raider (pretty sure that’s LTE…) how is Rogers first?

    • Ryan

      Rogers shipped about 10* GSII-LTE devices before Bell shipped the Raider LTE.
      *On the shipment day, my own spot in the queue dropped 14 spots. Taking into account the usual 5-10 cancelled reservations per day, most people estimate it was about 10 (maybe even less).

  • Gord

    Ironically, I was more looking forward to the Galaxy S Glide, which rumours said would be released today… hopefully soon…

    For me, being able to type faster on a physical keyboard is much more important than whether the phone gets 4Mbps or 25 Mbps down.

  • abualjooj

    cant wait till I get it..status “In Progress”….BUT yet I can’t stop thinking about the Motorola Razr…something about the design of it.
    Now, can someone explain to me why shouldn’t I go for the Razr instead…. differences between the two phones.

  • Ryan

    Started the day at around 990 (can’t remember exactly) and now ‘In Progress’!
    Hopefully there is not another 4S issue where some stores get stock before the reserved phones arrive to the designated store and they won’t give one to people who are ‘In Progress’.

  • Tariq

    FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ive been waiting for 3 months now GOD DAMNN!!!!

  • dan

    5 hours talk time? is that for real?

    That swings me back toward the RAZR again…

  • kendo master

    Obselete. Rogers really suckered you guys in. LOL.

    • Big Red Angry Bird

      Another “satisfied” iPhone 4S owner.

  • stephan john

    In all honesty, this is a really nice phone, but Rogers dropped the ball on the timing with this one. Not only is this phone well over 6 months old, (couple months in Canada) but the Galaxy Nexus has just been announced. Why Roggers, Why? oh wait, cuz’ it is Roggers, -.-‘

  • Audrey

    I don’t see why you guys are complaining about this phone being obsolete. You realize Rogers is carrying the LTE HD version. Bell and Telus are only carrying the original S2. The processor has gone up from 1.2 to 1.5 Ghz, and 4.3″ to 4.5″ screen, and many more. This phone is the king of the market right now, the Nexus on the other hand was obsolete right from the start of its announcement.

  • Andrew

    Can customers NOT in LTE areas still use this phone? or do you get billed more regardless of network?? (ie. I really want this phone!)

  • Iondroid

    @Andrew, yes you can still get the SG2 LTE if you are not in a LTE area. It has an antenna that’s supports Rogers HSPA+ 21mbps network/frequencies.

  • MC

    Does anyone know the specs of the battery on the SGSII LTE? I know the SGSII X is 1850mAh, but I dunno about this one…

  • Harry

    @audrey I dont think it’s the lte hd version ….. But I hope I’m wrong

  • abualjooj

    Razr or SGll??

  • HotDoggable

    anyone want to buy my nexus s ?