Google launches eBookstore in Canada

It’s been about a year since Google launched its eBookstore in the USA, and just over a month since they made it available in the UK. Today, Google Canada has announced that eBooks is now available, directly competing against other giants like Amazon, Apple and Indigo. If you’re into reading books you can immediately buy “Hundreds of thousands of titles”, and also read “over 2 million public domain books already available for free”. Since the service is cloud-based you have the option of reading your eBook on from any device with a browser: smartphones – such as Android (must be OS 2.0 or higher), iPhone and tablets, PCs and various eReaders.

Google has signed deals with a number of publishers, several representing Canada: McNally Robinson, Penguin, Random House and Harper Collins, plus Canada’s largest publishers including House of Anansi, Dundurn and McGill Queens University Press. Book pricing is set by the publisher and range in price points.

Check it here at Google