Bell to release the LG Optimus LTE as the LG “Eye” (Video)


  • Stimulator

    Eye phone… iPhone… oh, I get it.

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    Another LTE phone to hit the market soon and thousands are still waiting for the SGS2 LTE to come out for Rogers. What’s the hold up? Bell is going to beat you to the punch.

  • Awkward Turtle

    Looks like a pretty solid phone. I like the screen. 🙂

  • Brendon

    Hmm, in the video he says it can shoot up to 1080p

  • bob

    The browser looks like crap
    why include a software “back” button when you have a hardware back button?

    But other than that, this phone looks amazing. This will be one of the best screen out there.

  • Jay

    something worth noting, that phone has the three button hardware capacitive button setup. just the back button and the menu/wutever button is switched. (galaxy nexus has back key on the left)
    so should make for an easier ics transition/upgrade :p

  • Klauset

    So does this mean that Telus might grab the HTC Vigor/Rezound? If so, then I’m definitely skipping the Amaze 4G and holding out a little longer…

  • Alex Davies

    oppps! – I guess the video went up by mistake, because it has been ‘removed by the user’

    I was wondering what LTE handset Bell would launch with, and why LG sent out PR about the phone with no mention of it coming here – now all is revealed.

    Since Rogers has the Jetstream as their LTE tablet it makes sense that the 8″ Tab must be the Bell LTE tablet.

  • EC

    Stupid marketing bullshit, 720p isnt HD

    the only real HD currently is 1920x1080x32

    calling resolutions like 800×480, 1280×720 HD is like saying your civic is the same as a veyron

    • Wetcardboard

      Actually EC, anything above 1024×768 is considered HD. 1280×720 is most certainly HD and the average person can’t tell the difference between that and 1920×1080 at standard viewing distance for TV’s below 50″. I doubt we’re ever going to see 1920×1080 on sub 10″ screen, let alone a phone so 720p on a 4.5″ screen is as good as your gonna get. This is the smallest screen with 720p res (the others are 4.65″).

    • crimsona

      The ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) disagrees with you. HD is defined as a minimum of 720 lines of resolution.

  • Phil

    Does anyone know what the backing is made of?

  • ELNY

    It’s so frustrating when all these companies constantly never give release dates for Canada. Wtf!?

    • yanic

      I met the rep today and the launch is set for next wednesday ocotber 26th

  • Sub-Joker

    one of the reasons I stopped commenting on this blog is that a lot of my comment do not show at all for some reason.

    • Sub-Joker

      at least this one showed…..

  • BigC_13

    So in the Video he calls it both the LG Eye and the LG One, and the text bar in the video calls it the LG Optimus LTE, they really need to get an editor for their videos that pays attention.



    o wait, galaxy nexus is coming… i’ll pass

  • Cony

    top of all, I like that way LG people roompte their phones..;)Heard this great news from many sources. Will be a big move for LG, to solve their software problems and utilize the full power of amazing hardware.

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