SaskTel HTC Incredible S receives Android OS 2.3.3 upgrade


  • Kemist

    Andriods, Best phone on the Market

    • Lindsay

      is there a way of shutting down my frledos? meaning if you hold the house button you have a few frledos which i think has not shut down cause its killing my battery life example . i go on facebook how do i close it down let me know thanks

  • CaptainZangetsu

    no 2.3.4 like the nexus s. too bad…

  • Dude

    Bell did that like 2 months ago.

    • Tatnya

      What? Just wait three days. It’s only 3 days and you’ll get a new phone and you won’t incur any charges and won’t have to talk to sodobemy over the phone or in a store to try to get an early upgrade. If you do want an early upgrade, just talk to someone in the store, or call Verizon.

  • Arse

    Incredible news

    • Mr. F.

      I see what you did there……

  • Greg

    Just tried to do the update and it wouldn’t connect to it. Guess will wait for it to come in naturally

    • orby

      You have to be connected to WiFi for the upgrade to come through.