RIM’s BlackBerry gets stamped by Canada Post


  • mda

    Good for you BlackBerry!
    *(Finally some good news and advertising for BB!)

  • arber

    No one even uses stamps anymore…..

  • Ken

    It’s two out of date items paired together!!!!

  • mda

    They should have included the track ball into the picture because that was the common thing in BBs when BB was the top cellphone company.

  • Alex Perrier

    Gotta love what Canadians invented! Okay, the BlackBerry still needs a little catching up to do. Video chatting is almost essential, and the fast modems help make this seamless. So BlackBerry, make sure to survive and not just remain a stamp! 😐

  • Ryan Bidan

    They should have a pic of me on the stamp.

  • Quagmire

    I guess these go hand in hand. Nobody uses stamps anymore. Nobody uses BlackBerries anymore lol

  • cody

    BB sucks so bad they have to use the old phones to compare them