Lenovo’s Android Ideapad gets listed for $499.99 at Future Shop


  • Sean

    This is also the first one that has a custom skin on it…and netflix pre installed

    • TheDeysion

      Galaxy Tab 10.1 Touchwiz would release before it

  • RealDeal83

    RIM should drop the 16gb Playbook’s price already. Having at the same pricepoint as the iPad2 is just foolish.

  • crunch204


  • Mathieu

    499$ for a 32GB 10″ Android 3.x tablet is a really good price.

    • jonh_10

      XOOM has same price as well..

  • crunch204

    ya but XOOM is motorola…

  • Ryan

    I was at Future Shop here in Fredericton earlier. I didn’t see a tag for the ideapad, but I DID see a tag for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and snapped a picture of it. They didn’t have appear to have any in stock or have a demo model, but maybe it’s coming out in the next couple of days…

  • Canadaboy

    neeeeeeeeeeeet-flixxxxxxxxx (to be said zombie voice) – must eat brains, no I mean, must have neeeeeeeeet-flixxxxxxxxxxx.

  • jim

    Tablets are basically toys. The best toy has the best apps. The best tablet is the iPad.

  • Paul Q

    Which apps are those Jim?

  • Treiber

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