ABI Research: Android captured 46.4% of the Q2 smartphone market share

Android adoption is increasing at an incredible rate. Google recently announced they are seeing over 550,000 Android phones activated every day, but according to the latest report from ABI Research the mobile OS captured 46.4% of the Q2 smartphone market share. ABI says there were 103 million smartphones shipped in Q2 (Strategy Partners stated earlier today that 110 million smartphones were shipped), 47 million of them were powered by Google’s Android platform. Leaving the remaining 53% to Apple (shipped 20.3 million iPhones), Windows Phone, RIM, HP/Palm, Nokia and others.

ABI also believes that Samsung raked in the most Android market share with 34% of all Q2 Android shipments (15,980,000), followed by HTC with 23% (10,810,000), and Sony Ericsson with 11% (5,170,000). The other 20 million devices are presumably from Motorola, Acer and others.

Source: Reuters