Android OS 2.3 coming to Bell Galaxy Tab, Vibrant, Incredible S, Desire Z and ATRIX this Summer


  • bob

    Always nice to get news from either the manufacturer or the carrier.
    Just a few months late, as it’s always the case in Canada (many countries already received 2.3 for the Galaxy S), but better than nothing.

    • daa

      Why is this news? Don’t they all get an OS Upgrade when its out?

  • Dmitri Kondratev

    What is “Early Summer” exactly? July 7th seems a bit past early summer.

    • Stimulator

      It’s only been summer for 2 weeks! Any earlier and it would be late spring.

    • bob

      The summer is 3 months.
      So early would mean in the first month (June 21st to July 21th). Then it’s mid summer.

    • Kris

      I would expect it very soon…next week or so. Same time as SGS2 launch (14th perhaps).

      It well overdue but greatly anticipated.

  • Tom

    How we get the update for the tab? Do we need to install Kies?

  • Alex Perrier

    Good news for two of my friends who use Bell Android smartphones. However, one of them uses Rogers. Will they still taste Gingerbread?

    That being said, come on TELUS! Upgrade your smartphones! :S

  • EmperumanV

    Late summer for the Atrix eh? I hope the firmware changes too with the upgrade to 2.3, or hopefully the recent or the first update from Bell for the Atrix is stable with 2.3 when it rolls out.

  • Nex

    Not impressed. Desire Z was supposed to have had it already. Gave up three weeks ago and installed cyanogenmod. Totally worth it.

    • bbabiuk

      I gave up too. Infact, sold my Desire Z and got a Galaxy S2.

    • KnightFire

      Apologies for diverging for a moment:
      My wife just returned her HTC Desire Z after only one day! After owning a Blackberry for nearly two years the change to Android was just too dramatic. The other two drawbacks were its weight (an Al case will do that), and the fact that the Bell $50 1 year contract didn’t include “Call Display”. I bit my tongue upon the return of this “free” smartphone on a 1 year contract, but… come on… who doesn’t expect Caller ID on a smartphone these days. I expected to be included, not as part of a $12 add-on.

  • GuiSim

    I wonder if the 2.3 update will come with an unlocked bootloader for the Atrix.

  • TheTigerTek

    Late summer for Atrix.. I won’t have my Atrix by late summer. Once the Bold Touch comes out bye bye Android.

  • Pascal

    I wonder if it will be 2.3.3 or 2.3.4.

    • chris

      it will be 2.3.4

  • crunch204

    nice work bell…finally a carrier following through with their update rollout

  • Max

    oh nice, another rom with Bell’s bloatwares.

    I’ll stay with the doubleshot port for Desire z

  • Cass_m

    time to connect my tab and see if there’s anything up.

  • Mercy

    Bell is coming strong…they have the best android phone now with the SGS2 and the Sensation plus they will update most of their latest phone to 2.3.3 wow NOT LIKE ROGERS that i have to wait and wait!

  • cass_m

    Rats…still getting the This version of the device cannot be updated JJ7(BMC)

  • David Dee

    The Desire Z was supposed to have this by the end of June! These delays are not typical for a company like HTC, quite disappointing. I have been running 2.3 sense since the Desire Z 2.3 leak last March and have enjoyed a few incredible DZ Gingerbread sense roms courtesy of the great group at xda developers. Shocking that these guys have it working quite well while HTC cannot even release a stable version until end of summer. I really sympathize with those on stock roms being subjected to this.

    • B

      It is not the manufacturer that delays the releases, it is the carrier.

    • Simon

      David Dee,

      How were you able to install Gingerbread sense? I followed all the instructions on XDA and had no success..

  • mayhem

    Great news!! What if I have an unlocked atrix running on a different network in a different country.. do i get the update?

  • brando

    yay i think i just finished s-offing my incredible s to root the dam thing to the latest 2.3.x, ill wait and see what bell got to offer before continuing, and WOW for bell in a weird way best phone line up ever seen in canada so far and staying some what up to pace with the update release i think sucks for samsung users almost a year eh.

  • Janet11

    WOW, Great news!
    And I want to know if it can play flash videos and HD videos, then I don’t need to do convertings though I have got a video converter from Aneesoft.
    Wait to hand on!


    What I like about Bell/Virgin and HTC is that at least when they say the’ll update their devices well they do.

  • serco

    Thumbs Up for Bell…. But someone know if Rogers will be more rapid on 2.3 upgrade than they were for the 2.2 upgrade for the Galaxy S phone?

  • kman

    As of July 9, still no update showing on Kies.

    “This version of the device cannot be updated”
    I’m running JJ7 release now.

    I’m assuming that it would be installed using Kies?

  • peter

    Still nothing for Bell.s Tab and it’s. The 10th, available on the 7th was a farce by Bell, another broken promise. Thank you for being sucked by Bell.

  • Markus

    When will this show up? I downloaded the newest version of Kies, but it still says “This version of the device cannot be updated” JJ7 (BMC)

  • Markus

    When will this update be released? I downloaded the newest version of Kies and it still says “This version of the device cannot be updated”

    JJ7 (BMC)

  • kman

    4 days late and still nothing… sigh…

    I was pretty jazzed to get some pep into my Tab.

  • Gord

    Just got 2.3.3 for my Galaxy Tab via Keis tonight.

  • Mathieu

    I called and asked few weeks ago and they said it’s gonna be released july 14th for Galaxy S. I know it’s july 15 now… don’t thumb down my comment plz it’s not my fault!

  • Jordan Rice

    I have a question. I was wondering how the upgrade would work. Would a notification come on my phone?I have an atrix so please answer

    • Sebastien

      Go to “Menu”, then “Settings”. Hit “About Phone”, and then “System Updates”.

      If there’s a checkmark on the box, nothing to do. Your smartphone will check by itself for the upgrade. Otherwise, simply check it and wait… The updgrade will be done till the end of the summer as promised by Bell.

  • Jimmyp42

    Has anyone heard or read anything regarding the 2.3 update ?

  • Carole

    I don’t think Bell is even carrying this tablet. I’ve been trying to purchase one from Bell for 2 months and it’s an absolute nightmare. Now when I go onto their site the Galaxy tab isn’t even offered. What the heck is going on????

  • Meh

    August 6…..still no sign of official gingerbread.
    Promises promises!

  • todd

    wheres the new droid update for atrix still running 2.2

  • Mike

    I opened Kies, plugged in my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) and it says I have a firmware upgrade to KG3. Haven’t done it yet, but I assume it’s Gingerbread.

  • Brad

    Yes, it’s Gingerbread 2.3.3.

    All the posts I’ve seen so far recommend that you reset/wipe your phone before updating.

    I’m debating whether to update now or wait for the battery life fix in 2.3.4

  • Jamie

    Bell’s update to 2.3.3 has the well known battery drain issue! This update makes my phone bone dry after a day of basix use (some texting, reading emails, maybe 1 or 2 short calls)

  • Ronnie

    I’ve upgraded both my Galaxy Tab and S, both seem to be working well except for scrolling in the Tab is now very jumpy and won’t stay still under my fingertip?