Koodo Mobile to release the LG Optimus Chat for $200


  • Alex Perrier


  • David

    Darn!! So close, I hoping it was the Optimus 2 🙁

  • A Whale

    Dang thats a nice phone. Its no 2x but its a great entry level Android device plus it runs froyo (too bad it isn’t gingerbread :[)
    Is this the HSDPA version? (900,1700 and 2100)?

  • Jim R

    2.8 seems a bit small for a screen size, even for a low end phone. IMO 3.2 is the minimum.

    • Alex Perrier

      Yes, the screen is rather small, but at least it has the same resolution as the Optimus One. Plus, the Chat has a keyboard, unlike Virgin Mobile’s puny Samsung Galaxy 550. Moreover, the Optimus phones received a Gingerbread upgrade in Romania. So it will be interesting to see how the LG Optimus Chat compares to the HTC Status.


    come on koodo you waste your money on the iphone for, and then go for cheap phones like the chat?

    my suggestion:
    iphone 4
    INQ chat 3g

    DO NOT release:
    INQ Cloud Touch
    Optimus Chat

    HTC Status
    HTC Desire S

    3 year contracts for phones over $300.

    • Alex Perrier

      They may be inexpensive and simple phones, but they are not cheap. What matters here is that more people can afford decent Androids. Two-year contracts may be welcome, but the tab may be just as good for customers spending over $50 every month.

      The INQ Chat 3G should be on clearance, as it is rather old, but the iPhone 4 should be replaced by the 3GS. Koodo should avoid having too many of the higher-end devices, because they are a discount brand.

      Overall, budget Android devices make more sense than feature phones with generic, no-name operating systems. 😀

  • Bleven

    Koodo has the Optimus One for $150 and this is basically that phone but with a smaller screen and a hardware QWERTY keyboard. $50 seems like a pretty steep premium for it though it will probably still be $100 cheaper than the HTC Status on Telus.

  • GMan

    1 week after getting the Chocolate I promised myself I would never buy anything from LG ever again.

  • West

    It’s not easy to pay how can u do it free ok