Virgin Mobile HTC Legend upgrade to OS 2.2 Froyo now available


  • Dan

    Meh, I’ve had Froyo on my legend for months… LOL

  • AL

    I still love this phone’s design…if only it had more power!! 🙂

  • Mark

    Just checked and it’s also available for Bell version, which for all intents and purposes is the exact same phone.

  • Eric

    I totally agree. HTC needs to upgrade the Legend to the Legend HD with a slightly larger screen and upgraded processor. It’s still the sexiest Android phone ever released!



  • Bell_Customer

    I don’t see the update (“There are no updates available for your phone.”, I have a Bell HTC Legend. Anyone else?

  • hydrobomb

    It’s available for me. I’m on Bell as well.

  • Dazed_And_Confused

    No update available for me either, Bell HTC Legend. My firmware version is 2.1-update1 (About Phone–>Software Information)

  • Ricky Ricardo

    Confirmed looks like its here for Bell as well. Had to reboot phone for some reason in order to detect the update.
    Location: Calgary

  • A Glover

    Does anyone from Atlantic Canada know if this update also fixes the problem with the clock set to AST?

    Previously, the only way to get correct time in me Maritimes was to set the timezone to one of the other GMT-4 zones, which, of course, threw off the weather.

  • MER1978

    RE: A Glover… is your time zone issue only obvious with text messages? If that’s the issue you’re talking about I have SMS Time Fix running all the time on my Eclair’d Legend and it seems to work.

    • A Glover

      It wasn’t just the text messages (though texting ‘through time’ was entertaining for a bit). The one I had for a week, and the others I tried, the clock (both the little Android and big HTC weather app) would lose an hour when set to AST.

  • RC

    Wow, I don’t know if it is the placebo effect but my Legend feels way faster. If I had know I would have spent more time reading up on how to root the dam thing. Has anyone else had problems with the hotspot feature though? I can connect to the legend with my computer but get limited connectivity (no interwebs).

  • FittyLOLOL

    Finally. God dam that took for ever.

  • RIPNateDogg

    Not seeing anything on Bell either. Restarted and tried, still nothing.

  • Terry

    WTB: Successor to the HTC Legend with more horse power. Keep the same screen size, aluminum unibody design, and maybe a matte black finish and slimmer profile.

  • Don

    Downloading through network. Not waiting to get home.

  • Adam

    Applied the update this morning, and now my phone is near unusable. Everything is *very* sluggish, some of the menu screens I’m getting force closes.

    FTR: I’m on Virgin.

  • Julian

    Running flawlessly thank you htc and virgin mobile Canada. Htc legend froyo upgrade.

  • Jeremy

    For the Legend users on Bell who were not seeing the update (me included), I was able to update yesterday and as mentioned before, if you check and no update is available, reboot and check again. if it is still not there then wait.

    @Adam I think that is just for the Virgin updates cos mine is way faster and can now run apps that it could not even install before

  • Daniel

    Froyo’s available on my Legend here, on Virgin.

    Fwiw, you could always wait for Legend to do that weird reboot all on its own, too….that’s how I discovered Froyo was available today.

  • tonythetiger

    iv’e had nothing but problems since the update. 3g is terrible. wifi is terrible. phone is terribly slow. force closes my applications all the time. can sometimes not open my text messages. often times i have to take out my battery to turn off my phone. worst phone and update ever

  • Eddie

    I just got notice that the update is available for me, but I am wondering if I am going to lose any apps or contacts when I update. For those of you who have updated, is this the case, or were your apps and contacts still there after the upgrade?

  • mindtrick

    Updated today on virgin mobile. Works great, applications boot faster and run smoother. A little more polished look it as well. Google goggles failed to run after the update, but a simple re install of it fixed it up.

    To those having issues, is recommend backing up your settings, resting to phone to.factory defaults, then updating. I’ve only had mine for 2 months, so the chances of having anything corrupted on the OS was low. Long times users might not be so lucky. Just like s**t, corruption happens 😉

  • Electrify85

    I had all but given up on this phone. Random reboots, buggy headphone jack, text not appearing on screen, random reboots, touch screen dying, and did I mention the random reboots? HTC’s support said my phone was working fine, and follow up support was also a waste – I even made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which did absolutely nothing. I finally gave up on it and bought a Motorola Dext off-contract which I rooted and upgraded to 2.1 (from 1.5).

    Looking through a Best Buy flyer, I noticed that the Legend had been updated to 2.2, and have decided to give it another try. Before I switched phones I formatted my Legend so it was a fresh upgrade. So far I am impressed: much smoother than I remembered, some pretty funky new features, and after some minor torture tests it has passed quite well.

    I’m going to give it another chance, but I am more than prepared to switch back to my Dext if it starts acting up again. Oh, and FWIW, the Legend is the first and will be the only HTC product I’ll be purchasing.

  • moses

    pls my HTC legend is blank . how will how download another screen