Vancouver woman racks up $37k cellphone bill while visiting Egypt

By now you would think people would learn to get a roaming package while traveling overseas and to really make sure they’re covered before getting an unpleasant surprise. However, these massive cellphone bills keep popping up and customers still get shocked.

I though it couldn’t get worse that the Calgary resident who went to France and decided to stream an online radio while visiting France. His bill was only $8k but Vancouver resident Alanna Fero beat that by 600% and rang up a $37,000 charge while visiting Egypt. She apparently called TELUS before taking off to make sure she had best voice and data plan for her iPhone… but somehow it didn’t turn out that way. Fero stated “I burst out laughing …. Somebody had to have hacked into it or something; there’s no possible way that I, in two-and-a-half weeks, ran up a $37,000 bill.”

Telus spokesman Shawn Hall said they shut down her phone service after they noticed a spike, but then for some reason Fero liked the feeling of her savings drift away from her and apparently asked TELUS to turn the data back on. Hall said Fero used about 1,600 megabytes of service during her trip and “bottom line, we want to talk to this customer and sort it out. We know it’s a huge bill; we want to talk to her and figure it out”.

Source: CTV