Vancouver woman racks up $37k cellphone bill while visiting Egypt


  • Terry

    I’d have sympathy…But…They called to turn it back on?
    Were they informed of the charges at all, or were they just cut off left in the dark?


    • TomatoGuy

      That’s why the first thing I do after boarding a plane departing from Canada is to take out SIM card from the phone and don’t use it until I get back home. Little trick does wonders for my wallet savings. Local Pay as you Go SIM packages are really cheap in 95% of foreign countries.

  • robot-shmobot

    Stupid, stupid people. Having a smartphone doesn’t make you smart. I think there needs to be an IQ test issued before the purchase of any smartphone – to weed out the stupid, stupid people.

    • Tom

      “By now you would think people would learn to get a roaming package while traveling overseas”.

      I don’t think people are stupid for forgetting to get a roaming package.

      Why should you need a roaming package? The whole idea of a roaming package is silly and the details are so confusing that even the reps don’t understand them. If I take several trips in the year, of various durations, it is quite a nuisance to have to figure out the best suited package each time and make the changes to my account.

      RoBellus are at fault here – they should just give us reasonable roaming rates and resist their typical urge to make billing as complicated as possible.

    • Dino

      You do realize that roaming rates are set by the overseas telecom right? Telus isn’t the one saying you have to pay us 30k a gig, it’s the Egypt telecom saying that your customer was on our network using our data and now we want this much money from you.

  • Jordan

    You know what? I’m glad this keeps happening. Weed out the stupid parts of society.

  • rzz

    yes it’s foolish to rack up this kind of bill, especially when they even cut it off when it spiked and she ASKED them to turn it back on.. but the fact it’s even POSSIBLE to spend that much just to download 1.6gb is insane. How much do you think it really cost them to provide that 1.6gb? Even remotely close to $40k? Probably more like $4, tops.

    • Grover

      Its called profiteering. Of course it does not cost them that much to provide the service. Does it really cost $4.75 to produce a bottle of water? And yet there are people that pay that much because they have no choice and/or have more money than sense (airport etc).

    • John L

      All you people are stupid. Most of you defend the telecom companies? Whats wrong with you? Its quite clear, that this a fraud against people. Whether it be Telus or some foreign company. The rates being charged are thousand of times higher then the cost to provide the service. This is gouging, plain and simple. This woman should have had a $200 bill, not $37000. Anyone who thinks thats fair, is an i***t, plain and simple.

      I hope the people that thinks its fair, end up on usage based billing here in Canada. So i can hack your WPA on your router and start killing your bandwidth. Then you can feel whats its like to get raped by a communication company. Then your story can end up here, where people call you stupid for using a WPA secured router, which 99% of people, dont even know what that is. As smart as you all think you are, your not. I am ashamed of people sometimes, and their greedy nature….

  • Luqman

    Well its not her fault, well partially it is, but did anyone notice this part? “She apparently called TELUS before taking off to make sure she had best voice and data plan for her iPhone… but somehow it didn’t turn out that way.” I partially blame the retarded telus rep who screwed her over. And the other half of the blame goes to her for using so much data while traveling over seas.

    • robbie_08

      She called to make sure she had the best iphone plan, yes, but the best plan for here and a roaming plan are two different things!!!!! If she did not state that she was travelling overseas, then it is 100% HER fault!! People need to realize that you CAN NOT use your phone outside of Canada the same way you do in Canada!!!! Using other counties towers costs LOTS of money!!!

  • Dorbit

    I don’t like legislation, but these charges are just absurd. If the cell companies would just self regulate along the lines of something like a 500% mark-up maximum on roaming fees, this kind of stuff would never happen. The $36,000+ fee they charged their client probably cost them $50. At a 500% markup, they could have charged the customer $250 and made a tidy profit. $37,000 is gouging, plain & simple. BTW, Telus is no worse than the other big guys.

  • Max

    Mobilesyrup 🙂

    Please follow up. Would be interesting to know the final result of it.

  • Steve

    It is the roaming partner that passes the charges back onto the Canadian countries. Whether you are on Bell or Telus, the charges for data while roaming internationally is over $20/MB. Are you suggesting the cost should be eaten by the carrier? Or should they just not enable data roaming internationally?

    • Dorbit

      Steve. Of course I’m not suggesting that Telus should eat the charges their roaming partner has passed on to them. I’m simply suggesting they take the amount the roaming partner has charged them and mark it up to their end customer no more than 500%. Looks like Telus charged somewhere in the order of a 70000% markup. That seems unreasonable to me.

    • Dino

      $36,000 / 1668mb = $21.58/mb

      Yeah, really looks like Telus is marking up that $20/mb fee. The Egyptian telecom is the one asking Telus for about $20/mb for supplying this woman with data.

      Say you’re selling pens at school, the pens cost 5 dollars each, but you’re giving your friends a break and selling them to them for 1 dollar. Now another person who isn’t your friend comes up and wants a pen, you sell it to them for 5 dollars.

      It’s the same thing with the telecoms, your friendship with them is signified by you being a customer to them.

    • g011um

      Except the pens cost 10 cents. The fact that you are even selling them to your friends for $1 means you are gouging them. Selling them for $5 is criminal.

  • Preacher

    its stupid the markup that Telus and others have, but to be fair, Telus did shut of her services to prevent it from getting to far out of hand. the fact that she requested it be turned back on means that she went out of her way to tell Telus “keep giving me service”, so she should be accountable to paying that large sum.

    Its not fair to ask rogers bell and telus to start treating customers more fair, if we cant ask the same of customer who try to pull stuff like this.

  • Geoff

    If she asked to turn the data back on, did they ever inform her about how much she was spending? Or did they ever recommend the roaming package?

    Yes, some people are just stupid. However, a lot of people just don’t understand how things work.

    • BT

      With no roaming package, Telus charges $25/mb. The 1600mb she used would have come with an even $40k data charge instead of just under $37k. She obviously had some kind of roaming plan to save that $3k.

  • Tim

    I racked up $5 in roaming fees in the 30 seconds it took me to lock back to Fido at the border. Be thing to do is ask the carrier to shut it off and buy a local sim

  • tremSr


    At least they are willing to talk it out. It’s a tricky situation. Telus gave her what they could plan wise but when they noticed that usage went nuts they stopped it. At least they did that. But her calling to re-active doesn’t necessarily make her stupid. And the fact that they started data back up and running could of been more of a “keeping your customer happy no matter what”…and when they get the bill we can discuss. Sounds to me like it was a “enjoy your trip and not panic over it, we will sort it out when you get home”. I like Telus, they are easy to work with. I have been with the big 3 and Telus was my fave. It sounds to me like Telus was prepped for this…and that is encouraging. There is nothing worse then getting your phone services cut off when you are out of country…it happened to me and it’s no fun. So it’s possible this is how I see what went down here.
    I got a $600 bill for tethering my phone and when I bought it the rep said I could for no additional charge. When I got the bill and mentioned it, they fixed that charge right away. I think it is one of those situations that if your a repeat offender a charge like this might stick, or if you never called the company at first to make some sort of roaming arrangements.

  • Big 3

    I don’t get why people dont know that roaming is expensive? It’s cheaper to sign up for telecom services in the country you are travelling to and their plans are DEFINITELY cheaper than Canadian plans.

    • Thed

      I agree. Before smartphones you made arrangements, like a calling card and a local phonebooth and internet cafe. What use is your local phone in a foreign country anyway?

  • Don

    As smartphones get popular and more and more people are jumping on board, these type of incidents will be a regular occurrence.

  • A

    When I was in Barcelona, you could buy a 2 gig data card for 20 Euros. Yes you will have a local European number, but at least no one would know it, and even texting becomes cheap or free. I can give the local numbers to folks back home if they needed to contact me in event of emergency.

    And to Steve’s point above, the inter-carrier fees are crazy for international data roaming, Telus isn’t making a fortune, I would bet that a lot of that would be paid to the carrier where the customer was roaming, so Telus wipes out the bill, and we all pay for it in higher prices for our local service.

    • schultzter

      Yeah, and if you have Skype on your phone who cares what number you get! The data is all you need!!!

  • K

    I wonder if she even explained that she was travelling to Egypt when she called in?? All Carriers have international roaming packages and they use them so this kind of thing doesn’t happen…typically mark up on international is only about 5% (when only Rogers had international it was different) so I agree with the A…Telus swallows the cost and everyone else has to pay…thanks

  • Randy – 1

    Yes, the bill seems outrageous, but it shouldn’t have been a surprise. I’m getting tired of seeing this time and again. People may not know how expensive it is to roam, especially on data, but they have a responsibility to find out.

    The more these type of stories make the media and the companies are pressured to write off the charges, the more frequently people are going to do it. After all, just play dumb and I won’t be responsible for my actions.

  • Leighton Tebay

    I went to Mexico in December. Local internet was brutal so I thought I’d go off airplane mode just to check a few things. As soon as my phone connected I had a text from telus explaining to me exactly what the charges were for text, voice and data.

    The rates the carriers charge for international roaming are absurd but it isn’t like they don’t inform you of what you are doing.

  • artstate

    How dumb. Cellphone rates in Egypt are amazingly low. Forget your data just for a second, can’t you live without it? Get a prepaid sim there and it would’ve cost you less than any roaming package. Here’s an example of how cheap it can be:

    Pay for the first 3 minutes of your call (about 15 cents total) and get the rest of the hour free..
    500 MB of data can cost you 10 dollars..

    Despite only having 3 carriers, the market there is very competitive

  • schultzter

    I hope Mobile Syrup follows up on this one. If this schmuck gets any kind of consideration for her stupidity I’m calling my provider to argue for the same discount on my monthly bill! Why should someone who reads the fine print and pays attention to their usage subsidize the twits who get media coverage and sympathy for their idiocy?!

  • jarr

    Fero is simply an i***t. It is not hard to either just turn off your phone, get a package to begin with (yes, they are expensive, but not anywhere close to 37K!) or just get a phone in Egypt.

    Purely her fault.

  • JohnMike

    1- She called BEFORE she left but obviously didn’t ask the right questions.

    2- She got there, and got a text message that informed her of roaming fees.

    3- She went on and used the phone anyway.

    4- The line was suspended, and she called to have it re-activated. Had she asked why it was suspended, she would have been told it’s because of the roaming fees.

    5- She kept going and raised a 37K bill and now she goes media about this, but she’s obviously responsible and we should make an example out of her, just split the bill in 2 and have her pay half.

    6- I wish this kind of people didn’t exist.

  • Rogers Rep


  • Andrei

    I stopped feeling sympathy for these kinds of mistakes a long time ago. For god’s sake, most phones will shut data usage off when the person is roaming, I know mine does so I never really worry about incurring roaming charges.

    So, whenever someone gets a huge bill like this, it is more likely that it was a deliberate act (they wanted to use the data) and that they were hoping they could get away with it by pressuring the company to drop the roaming charges (as this woman probably hopes now). Feigning stupidity is no longer an option since these cases have been on the news for a very long time!

    What I can agree on is the fact that roaming charges in general are prohibitive and this in not good for global trade and the global economy. I regularly visit europe and everytime I am there I shut off my data and so am shut off from the rest of the world unless I am next to a computer. If roaming data plans were cheaper I would be more motivated to buy one, meaning increased revenue for my cell phone provider, and more connectivity for me.

    I look forward to a world where data is cheap!

    • PreachJohn

      The intelligent response is to either buy local cards for your own phone. Or if your own phone can’t accept them, buy a local sim card phone and work with that.
      Did the Telus Rep inform her when she called for a roaming plan, that there is a far less expensive way to go, and that this would avoid an astronomical bill?
      How many folk realize in this discussion that a GB is 1000(1024)MB’s? And that even our regular local coasts for data or roaming are highway robbery? Wildly out of proportion to the Telcos’ actual costs per MB? This legalized usury ripoff must end. It will when the general public understands the milch cow cell phones are in Canada.

  • blah

    is anyone with the telus, what are the other fees for, they are not cheap, she is stupid…..

  • Michelle

    NO Sympathy. bad move..

  • jarr

    we should all complain the next time we leave all our lights and other electric devices on 24/7 for the month straight and we get a high electricity bill.


    it’s our “right” to have electricity, just like you dum-bo’s claim like it’s our “right” to have free wireless services.

    get real.

  • dan

    What a d*****s, look at .. the big 3 suck yes but when i****s like this go and roam without even looking up the cost of roaming in the country you deserve this.. she probably used her phone 24/7 like a dumb f*****g skank. this is what she deserves. i hope she doesnt have to pay it but she needs to smarten up

  • Bruce

    In this case, Telus actually played nice and stop the “bleeding” for her….

    I dont know if people don’t understand the concept of roaming cost (maybe they assume if they are in Egpyt and using the wireless network in Egpyt = local? or they assume Big 3 are worldwide? )

    37k and it is not Telus’ fault/error. I wonder how this one ends.

  • Dorbit

    Last point I’ll make. Use Mobilicity. Went to Mexico over New Years for a week. Was on my BB every day. Total bill was $20. Went to Colorado last week for 4 days. Used my BB again and even sent multiple photos. Now with Mobilicity my data didn’t always work, but again my roaming bill only totalled $20. With Robellus those bills would have been hundreds.

  • Mark

    Weed out the stupid? How will the corporation make billions then? I say keep them 🙂

  • half-duplex

    She should have had Wind. The phone would not have worked and she would not be out a dime. Cheap phone Cheap company. Who is Tony Jabroni anyways? also who is this Tammy people speak of? Is that troll from the Wind forums here Mike something his phone works everywhere so he says. I wonder if wind pays him or gives him a free line?

  • bc

    if Telus charges $20 per megabyte for data roaming, then she should be glad she’s not with Rogers!! seriously.

    Rogers charges $30/MB for data roaming, unless you buy one of their measly data roaming add-on packages (e.g. $30 for a lousy 10MB of data)

    also, too bad she didn’t know that you can simply turn off data roaming in the iPhone settings. in fact just leave that setting always OFF and you never have to worry. instead just find a wifi hotspot for data when traveling.

  • Steve

    Curious. What would Telus charge an Egyptian customer visiting Canada for the same amount of data?

  • Alanna Fero

    This story is not being told as it was sourced from CTV who gave a balanced report; it is not telling the truth at all, actually. I’ve written to MobileSyrup to ask them to correct the story rather than expect me to do it on a blog, but here is a snapshot.


    – I purchased a roaming plan for my trip to Egypt weeks in advance
    – I contacted Telus twice more before leaving the country to confirm the roaming plan (there were errors at their end each time but they said they corrected them)
    – Telus did not cut off my service in Egypt; they sent me a sales message text saying “Text here to learn how you can save on roaming” which made me suspicious there were again errors on my account so I called them
    – They absolutely knew I was calling from Cairo; they NEVER said I had a high bill, only that my roaming plan wasn’t completely set up and they would fix it to make sure I had “NO SURPRISE CHARGES”
    – I went ahead believing I was fully covered as any person would after reconfirming with the provider FOUR separate times

    Telus can try to make me look stupid all they want and people here can comment that this is some form of natural selection, but I was clear with Telus; they were not clear with me. If someone as intelligent and careful as I am can wind up with a bill like this, anyone can. Don’t bother to be kind in your perception of me if it is more fun to think of me as an i***t, but CALL YOUR PROVIDER TODAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF.

    ***Ask for a WRITTEN statement of your plan – don’t take their word for it over the phone.

    ***Demand FULLY ITEMIZED billing; don’t let them group charges together; ask for detailed call and data logs. Ask to see your file and don’t let them tell you that you have to write to the Freedom of Information commission; you don’t.

    ***If you have an iPhone, settle for nothing less than an UNLIMITED data plan – don’t take a chance with how new toys compress (or fail to compress) your data.

    I started this media thing for me, to get help with my bill. I’m in it for the next person now.

    • Doug

      The irony that CTV presented a balance report is that they are now owned BCE (Bell).

    • JohnMike

      To reply to the “supposed message” from Alanna Fero claiming that Telus is entirely responsible and that she is very bright and competent and knew what she was doing until Telus “backstabbed” her with an outrageous bill: WTF?

      I heard a lot of crap in my life, but that much crap doesn’t make any sense… if we saw a Telus vs Custommer case in court and telus had all the recordings of the calls, I’m sure she would pee her pants at how stupid she sound.

    • PreachJohn

      Good to hear from you Alanna. Your version of events is critically and majorly different from the article.
      I wonder that Telus, in your calls to them didn’t tell you that it’s better to use locally purchased sim cards in your phone. Or if not equipped to accept them, to buy a local card phone.

  • XER

    Fero, even if Telus setup your roaming correctly, you are using 1.6GB of data on roaming. Do you have any idea how expensive it will be even you have a package with Telus? Did you find out how much per MB you will be charged while you are in Egypt? I bet you did not or you will not be using your phone at all.

    Forget about getting help to pay your bill! You make this mess, you fix it yourself. No one needs to know your 3 years old intelligence level! Go to a bank and get a loan to PAY!

    It is id1ots like you that is causing us other consumers paying for you… You should bang your head against the wall hard enough sop that you wake up.

  • Dataguy

    Alanna, you did nothing wrong. Telus dropped the ball by not explaining the situation properly.

    What people should be getting worked up about is how out of whack these charges are! They’re 1000 times what it’s actually costing the cell providers. They charge it, because they can, not because that’s what it costs.

    The very best customers of the cell companies can get unlimited international data roaming for roughly $20/month added to their plan. Yes, unlimited international data roaming for $20/month. I’ve seen the plans. Do you think the providers are losing money on this? Telus, Bell, Rogers, Vodafone, AT&T, all the carriers of the world, should be ashamed about what they charge ordinary consumers.


      And where is that plan, exactly?

  • Alanna Fero

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to note that the above poster is a fake. I am the real Alanna Fero and while I do still blame Telus for the mishap, it was also partly my fault.

    • PreachJohn

      Alanna Fero—It’s a very serious violation terms and conditions to masquerade as Allanna Fero.
      The 1st post, (Posted by Alanna Fero | March 4, 2011, 5:00 pm), claiming to be Alanna Fero actually comes across as articulate, if not erudite.
      Yours doesn’t! Not so nice try.

  • Rick

    Just another example of a moron who takes there smartphone international and uses it without thinking. Oh and by he way Telus does not have a data plan that will give 1600mb of international data.

  • davidA

    Telus are have a reputation of being reasonable, when situations like this occur, and will eat the cost. While I do not support ‘carriers’ usually, in cases like this, I do feel that sometimes a customer will take advantage….

  • Rick

    Did you know Telus has to pay the carrier in Eygpt those roaming fee’s???? They set they rates.

  • Matt

    Keep in mind the rates you’re being charged for international roaming are not the rates your carrier is being charged. I’d be interested in finding out what percent mark-up there is.

  • sookster54

    What a dummy she was, as already said, most phones has data roaming turned off by default. She should’ve known what she had coming after the text message (you do get one when you go outside the country and turn roaming on) and should’ve even known again when her connection was killed.

    my god.

  • Owen Finn

    I think they should send her back to Egypt to explain in person why she can’t pay the $37,000.

  • Al

    This is why GSM phones are superior to CDMA. When you go to a foreign country buy a local sim and use it that way.

  • Wireless Gangster

    1600 MB of roaming date = $36000 bill?
    someone should take telus to court for robbery and stealing..

    PS. Rogers is probably saying to itself; if she was with us, we sould have given her that 15% bundle discount on that 36k bill LOL

  • Dexter

    If they reduce her bill because she went to the media then it’s a slap in the face to every customer that has ever paid their overage or roaming fees without complaint because they knew the rules.

  • giraffe

    now she knows

  • aka

    @John L, @Dorbit, @g011um, @Big 3, @PreachJohn

    Some people here naive or cheap or both.

    If you get your car fixed, and the car dealer charges you $100 / hour but pays their mechanic $50 / hour to do the job, do you really expect the dealer to do settle for $50 / hour? Some of these comments here are akin to blaming the dealer for making a 100% profit!

    How are the dealers going to cover the cost of tool depreciation, equipment maintenance fees, software license fees and technician upgrade training, site rental/lease, various staff wages, heating, electricity, courtesy cars etc..

    Seriously, give your head a shake.

    • John L

      Aka…I am confused as hell, as to why i am tagged in your comment. Where in my comment do i preach that people should not make money for providing services? I simply state that $37,000 for 1.6gb of data, is price gouging. So, either re-read my post, or make more sense in your own…

  • aka

    @Alana Fero, 03/04/11 5:00pm (most likely fake) From what your “CTV snapshot brief”, that’s not balanced as you’ve stated because you’re only telling your version of the story. The article here on Mobilesyrup is paraphrased from the CTV version, given the link at the bottom of the article to the original source material. Any investigator worth a dime can figure this out, and it’s a much more balanced version than yours. Mobilesyrup probably ignored your request to change the article due to your incompetence in reading comprehension. And I can’t believe some people actually gave her a thumbs up! It’s the same content!

    @Alanna Fero, 03/04/11 10:14pm, if you agree partly your fault, then minimum 50% (approx $19,000) of the cost should be your responsibility, you can’t expect Telus to pay for your ignorance. You should be paying the entire invoice in my opinion, because other Telus subscribers shouldn’t have to pay higher fees due to your fault.

    I went to the Telusmobility website, typed in “international roaming rates” in the search bar, less than 1 second later, found the page that explains all the roaming rates and passes you can get. No sympathy for lazy people. Especially people with iPhones that have access to google search, who also happened to use over 1.6GB data within 2 weeks. I smell a failed attempt to save on LD roaming calls by using Skype in Egypt, but that’s just a guess..

    @BT, 03/04/11 12:42 pm
    I agree, and seems somewhat plausible according to Telus side of the story, she must have been charged $25 / MB for part of the usage. Account suspended. Then when she called back to re-activate the data services, she would have been told why account was suspended and got a reduced rate to continue the usage by subscribing to a travel pass. Seems like Telus saved her around $3k as you’ve stated.

    @Dorbit, 03/04/11 3:58pm
    Your $20 data story means you’ve used 1.5MB data while in Mexico. Sending compressed photos and Email/BBM does not use much data. Mobilicity charges $15/MB for international roaming, Alana used 1600 MB, assuming there’s coverage where she was at, simple math tells me that she still would have been charged $24,000. And, according to their website, you’ll need funds in “MyWallet(TM)”? Does that mean Mobilicity clients have to prepay their international roaming expenses?

    For international data roaming charge comparison :
    Public Mobile : N/A ( does it work outside Canada ? )
    Mobilicity : $15/MB
    Windmobile : $20/MB
    Telus : $25/MB
    Rogers : $30/MB
    Bell : $50/MB (not a typo)

    All these companies have travel passes that client should get before traveling to save some money. Paying straight up pay-per-use rate is just silly based on massive usage like this.

  • NS

    Isn’t WIND mobile an Egyptian cell phone carrier? I can understand if the other carrier won’t settle this at cost considering one of their subsidiary competes with Telus.

  • aka


    WIND is owned by Globalive Communications Corporation, based in Toronto, founded in 1998. Orascom Telecom Holding is an Egyptian based company that owns 65% & dept of Globalive.

    An no, they’re not going to provide Canadian service with Egyptian rates. The company is here to make profit with Canadians money and charge by Canadian dollars. I have no doubt, due to the size of our country and population density (or lack thereof in comparison to other countries), once they (their networks) get as big as the “big 3” optimistically in 10 years, their opex (operating expense) would be just as expensive to support it, and their rates will increase accordingly to cover the cost to stay viable. Doubt they’ll survive with their “zones” business model alone. Fido learned the hard way with their City Fido plans and eventually got sold to Rogers. If cheap prices was all it takes to survive, then you gotta ask yourself why Fido failed. Because at the height of the Fido empire, they were the cheapest monthly service provider.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      AKA Wind is owned by uncle swarie get that straight.. 65%??? Globe and Mail says 90% jabroni says 100% so lets not go there.. we all know wind has a fight on their hands.. I am sure telus will be more than fair with the subscriber.

  • Richard G

    What’s most ironical about all this is the bill presented to Telus by the Egyptian carrier was probably from the same company which owns Wind Mobile here in Canada.

  • DL

    “Yes, some people are just stupid. However, a lot of people just don’t understand how things work.”

    Then what would you call that?

    This is a grown woman. She was given the facts, signed a contract, and ignored the facts. She was given a very specific warning about excessive charges due to her actions, and chose to ignore them again.

    The excessive price of roaming data is irrelevant to the argument. She was given more then fair warning of the costs associated with the LUXURY of using data while roaming, and CHOSE to use it anyway.

    This is not a case of a big evil corporation taking advantage of some poor helpless woman. This is a case of a company that is going to bend over backwards to avoid bad publicity from a woman leveraging the media to help her out of her own mess.

    Telus will likely write off most of the bill, essentially distributing the cost of her stupidity onto the rest of their customers. I am sick of hearing about how others have to subsidize stupid people, they should be held accountable for their own actions.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      hmmm sounds like WIND.. they were warned and warned again and they just waited for someone to bail them out. yes I think this is much like that. She will want someone to bail her out much like wind does..

  • Dan

    Alanna Fero. I think South Park made a song for you in the Joseph Smith episode called ‘Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb’

    I myself am glad I don’t have a cell phone and live in obscure Northern Ontario so having to subsidize your dumb a*s will have no impact on me. I do however feel for the poor folks whose rates will be increased to offset your stupidity.

    Many of the posts here I think hit the nail on the head as you are an attention w***e weather it be from to Pool Boy service you drinks at the resort to media covering your BS story. I don’t know you but I would bet money that you have a sense of Entitlement and Self Importance that I hope you living your Apple Lifestyle did not bring.

    You need to learn a hard lesson sweetheart and I think a $37k data bill will be a good start but will be only the tip of the ice burg. You need to knocked down a couple pegs back here to reality where we are able to take ownership of our actions and deal with the consequences like a big girl.

    Your lucky Telus is being nice. If I were them I would use you as an example and play hard ball and wish for you to file a lawsuit. The have already shown to have mitigated their risk for suspending service with the spike. In the court of law this would be all your responsibility plus their legal fees. So please sue I would love to read that story.

    Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.

  • Krishna

    To the lady “Tell the company, this bills is due to the uprise which occured in Egypt recently” :P…next is Libya

  • Randy

    It would be nice if I could read an article that was not full of spelling and grammar errors!

  • Adam H

    What a stupid woman.

    I mean seriously, you have got to be just plain stupid to use data roaming if you’re not prepared to pay for it. Using over 1GB of data while roaming without a roaming add on?

    Ridiculous woman. You deserve to pay this bill and I hope that you have to do so. My roaming bills don’t get waived for the several hundred dollars I rack up while roaming in the UK, and I’m smart about my data while roaming.

    Stupid people should pay their stupid high bills.

  • John L

    I keep sitting here trying to respond to this utter mess that reflects the current state of humanity. But i just can’t seem to properly clarify my disdain for most of you. Is money so important you can’t stop for a second and realize, that yes, this woman ain’t the smartest, but is it even slightly reasonable that this kind of bill can be generated? And should this woman really have to pay $37,000 dollars?… for what costs the communication company less then one dollar to provide. She should have to sell her home? Maybe pay the bill with college funds for her children? It seems clear to me, that quite a few of you would laugh to know her life was ruined by this. Which makes you very sad human beings, in my opinion.

    If only i could be put in stasis, so that I either wake up alone, or in a world where people aren’t a bunch of greedy heartless neanderthals. Lol, you all suck humanity! To the few of you that actually see the bigger picture, good on you:)

  • aka

    @John L “less then one dollar to provide”.

    Comments like this illustrates how naive you are about international roaming agreements.

    Since money isn’t so important to you, please feel free to donate some of your hard earned money to Allana to help bail her out.

  • David 241

    People should look at alternatives such as Roaming SIM cards – i used and saved huge over my domestic carrier service – something like 50% on my voice roaming and 30% on my data roaming. The carriers in Canada…dont’ trust em

  • Philippe

    Most of the 37k goes to Telus, in return they let the egyptians roam on the Telus network and they balance things up with cash depending on which way most of the roaming occurs. I say dont pay the bill.

  • Kevin

    It seems the average person is too busy these days to worry about the intertwining intricacies of their cell phone plan. Once a bill goes over 20% of average montly usage, it should be up to the carrier to contact the person to let them know they are raking up their bill. If you have not traveled far in the past and owned your phone for 10 years, you may not be aware of the fees when going overseas. The phones are programmed to go out and get emails and data automatically. So unless everyone is technically savvy (and we know most people aren’t), this is nothing more than a spider web and the cell phone companies know it. The actual cost to these companies is only fractions of a penny per minute, but they are charging $10 per minute and more for roaming. It’s robbery.

    When it’s easy for the consumer to be caught in a trap like this, there should be something done as a safeguard. Why must the law or government always have to step in. Why can’t these phone companies grow some morals?

  • radmacks

    Don’t be so quick to be on the side of Telus in this matter. I managed to have three contracts canceled as a result of complaints to the CCTS. Telus will not bring their tapes to court, They deny they have them. I had my Talk Winnipeg and Unlimited 15 taken without notice and received a text message saying you have incurred $10.00 in data charges. That is how I found out it was gone. Telus told me it fell off their system and their was nothing they could do, not even note the file.

    Telus is full of $&!% period.

  • paul

    I feel as though the bulk of the commentators are missing the point entirely. The fact that a telco, whether at home or abroad, can and do charge userious rates for service is wrong. People such as this woman can be called ignorant, and one cannot dispute that she should have done her homework. However let’s not loose sight of who really deserves our criticism. Any small business is expected to behave in the interest of their customer. Bigger business should be held to the same standard. This charge should not have been possible. With today’s technology, a telco of all companies is in a position to advocate for their customers, send automated text warnings, make information which would negatively affect their customer front and center on both websites and through customer service representatives. I say shame on the telco’s for seeing and taking advantage of an opportunity to exploit their customers and treat them unfairly. If consumers, as represented by these commentators, were more customer advocates instead of taking the side of the telco’s, we would have more fair play in the industry. Eventually it will happen anyway. This situation is unfair and I don’t believe that any of us think this is a great way for a telco to behave. BTW, the cost of data for telco’s is around 10 dollars a Gig.

  • kulwinder

    when i went to mexico I couldnt even use my data when I was in my room but when I used my data in the free wifi lounge I was charged for it even though it was free wifi so how can bell charge me in that situation I could understand if it wasnt in the free wifi lounge but it didnt work anywhere else if that doesnt seem like a scam I dont know what is