Angry Farm now available in the BlackBerry App World


  • Coldbones

    If there ever was a clear rip-off of another company’s product, this is it.

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard of a lawsuit yet.

    • Firestorm

      If Rovio wants to sue, I think Armored Games would want to have a word with them.

  • JFrosty

    …why is this making the news here exactly? An overpriced Angry Birds ripoff was released on the BlackBerry? Fast! Call all the major news networks!


      It’s news because RIM continues to suck. They file patent lawsuits against companies like Kik, then go on and approve blatant ripoffs like this for their own weak platform like everything’s cool.

  • Sub-Joker

    what’s the requirements for this one?? I doubt you can play it on anything before OS 6.
    how do you play this on the 9700 or 9780 anyways??

  • r

    Angry birds is a rip of other games before it. As soon as angry birds says lawsuit, others will be all over their asses.

    • thelegend12

      Sub-Joker: you can play this on all devices OS 4.6 and up. I have it on my 9700 and it’s kinda awkward but still fun to play.

  • B3

    BRONSON: blackberry didnt make this game. They went after KiK because they guy left RIM who worked on BBM to make KiK. So of course they want to protect there stuff.

  • RudioX

    too expensive for only 30 levels…

  • Steelepunk

    I guess this is news in some sort of weird way. The BB OS going the way of Symbian eventually.

  • CovKid66

    I can’t believe the difference in app pricing compared to the Apple app store. $4.99 for this, $9.99 for that, and so on. Explain to me why we can get such high quality apps for $0.99 on an iPhone but not on a BB? Do the developers just think that because it’s primarily a business phone they can charge more???

    I tried to switch over to a BB again recently and ended up dropping it again because it was just boring! Back to my Windows Mobile device for now (6.5 and not WP7…let’s not go there when we talk about apps!!!).

    • ej

      You must be out of your mind, wp7 marketplace has 8500 apps in4 mos. Obviously you dont what you talking about.

  • mark

    played angry birds for 10 mins then got bored. I had the app for 4 months on my phone and never touched so today i deleted it. I would love to have their marketing team work for one of my products though. If such a game is so popular a man can hope can’t he? 🙂

  • JohnMike

    I wish this could lead to lawsuits.

  • Halfpixel

    Do you guys get indignant when you go to SuperStore and see PC Cola because it’s a blatant ripoff of Coca Cola?

    Gameplay mechanics and general aesthetics are not copyrightable/copyrights on them are not enforceable, so don’t expect to see a lawsuit here. Morally, I don’t see what’s wrong with another company stepping in to provide a similar product where Rovio has failed to do so. Especially given that (as other commenters pointed out) Angry Birds is not exactly 100% original.