Mobilicity “Facebook for Feature Phones” app now available

It was announced last week that Mobilicity would be the only carrier to bring the “Facebook for Feature Phones” app to Canada. The was no official availability date, Facebook only stated that it would be here “in the coming months”. Mobilicity couldn’t wait a few months because they have pushed this out to their customers in a matter of a few days.

The “Facebook for Feature Phones” (Java-powered handsets) is now available to Mobilicity customers. Features include the ability to view photos, contact synchronization, view friend updates. As stated earlier those who download it will not be charged data for the first 3-months as Mobilicity will be picking up the tab.

Sara Moore, Vice President of Marketing of Mobilicity said “We are thrilled that Mobilicity is launching the new Facebook application in Canada. We are committed to making wireless communications more affordable for Canadians and are proud to work with Facebook and enable all our customers to connect with their Facebook friends on Mobilicity’s 3.5G network.”

If you have a Mobilicity feature phone (non Smartphone) get the app here