TELUS and BCE merging: “high probability over the next couple of years”

The rumour of TELUS merging with Bell has been going on for years. The last time we really heard anything about this was back in late 2009 when the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan proposed $52 billion takeover of Bell was “officially terminated”. So it’s certainly nothing new… but this topic has surfaced yet again thanks to Investment Data firm Morningstar. They released a report called “The Return of the Blockbuster Deal?” and gives a rundown of the top 100 North American companies they believe are the “most vulnerable to being acquired”. TELUS is on their list but not in the top 10.

Morningstar analysts said in a release that TELUS and BCE merging “seems like a high probability over the next couple of years… Who acquires whom is an open question, though Telus has sat out the recent acquisition wave in the Canadian media industry”. Morningstar also stated that the issue is not about a deal getting done but about the regulators (CRTC) approving it.

Source: CTV
Morningstar report (PDF)