Mobilicity “MobiFlip” to be released December 22nd

Over the weekend we let you know that Mobilicity was bringing back the Sidekick LX and calling it the “MobiFlip” (mainly due to its swivel display). We’ve been informed that the MobiFlip will be released tomorrow (December 22nd) with the price point on a promo until December 31st for $49.99 – then jump up to $99.99 no-contract.

According to the internal doc we received it shows the following additional details and features:

• QWERTY keyboard • 3.2MP camera and video recorder • Mood lights • Bluetooth 2.0 • 3.2” 65K TFT Color Display, High-Resolution 854 x480 pixel screen PLEASE NOTE: Several data/web features WON’T work like our other devices – this is due to the phone’s browser Opera.
1:IM Client: ONLY supports hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com, yahoo.com, gmail.com, AOL.com accounts and their .ca accounts.

2: Content and Portal:
a: Doesn’t support customized wallpaper or ringtones using the downloaded images and tones.
b: Doesn’t support downloading/installing Java games and applications.
c: Doesn’t preload Mobilicity portal site because of a) and b)

3: Mobilicity’s Portal that is normally accessed through our device’s mobile browser does not work.

(Thanks cellphoneSTAR for the tip!)