Video: Nokia gives Santa the N8


  • TomatoGuy

    Because the only thing Santa needs smartphone for – taking pictures with kids. Nokia N8 is almost useless for anything else. Modern Santa would’ve taken Nexus S over N8 anytime.

  • halo

    santa’s like “WTF Why is voice guidance still running the background?” why do I have to go through5 different menu select screen to shutdown my GPS?

    • Guillaume B

      Errrr, what?

      From inside a map, it’s one button to close Maps on my C7 (red “close” or “hangup” button), two buttons on a N8 (Close out of the map, then close out of the application).

      Of course, if you send it to background rather than close it, it keeps running. That’s because S^3 has real multitasking. If you can’t deal with multitasking, then sure, stay with an iPhone or whatever… It’s at most a 10 minute learning curve and you can then decide when and what you want to close.

  • halo

    He will start giving out Nokia phones instead of Coal

    • Colin

      If that the case, I still have a week to be naughty. 😛

  • Solor1

    So, how’s the free offline GPS navigation for 80 countries with voice guidance on your Nexus S?

    • TomatoGuy

      How would Santa even use capacitive touchscreen with his gloves on? That’s a big fail right there. Nexus S wouldn’t work either, but I was just sarcastic with my previous comment. Also what would Santa do if battery dies in the middle of his long trip? He gets lost forever or what? It’s not like his sledge is equipped with some kind of charging port. 3.5 inch screen is just too small for old guy with glasses to look at. Bigger tablet or standalone GPS unit would’ve been better choice. Too bad Nokia doesn’t make those. Constantly using smartphone outdoors in harsh winter conditions isn’t a greatest idea as well. Besides, if Santa managed to do his job without GPS navigation many years before, I’m sure he doesn’t need it now.
      To sum it up – this video is just very poorly done marketing of the Nokia N8.

  • Jatt sober

    Android fanboys think that its their lord who invented the wheel. I call them frogs of well :oP

  • jB

    It’s a commercial, relax. Also, it has to do with their Ovi giveaway – not just some guy arbitrarily giving Santa an N8 for the sake of a commercial.

    Get off the “I hate Nokia” bandwagon already, always looking for something to nitpick at. Go play with your Nexus S, doesn’t affect any Nokia user in any way shape or form. It’s just childish and lame. Shut up.

  • Paulysworld

    Why do phandroids hate Nokia so much? Android is an OS, not a brand, not hardware. Why the hate? If you hate Symbian, then hey, that’s fine, but hating Nokia? That’s just foolish. Almost 2 billion Nokia handsets in use around the world, surely they must have a few fans out there, (that is sarcasm, in case the phandroids didn’t know). Also, for the iphone fanboys, how smart is your phone if a 3 year old can figure it out? Smartphone=smart operators. Just saying. And hey, I like android, I also like the Samsung Galaxy, but I will stick with my bullet proof Nokia for indestructibility, FREE OVI maps, and superior camera/media features. I will pickup the N8 for it’s superior optics/media performance. Can’t hardly wait for Meego and the N9.

  • RIMmer

    Actually, Ovi Maps can go into background, yes. And you know what, you can have turn by turn navigation with voice running in the background and record HD video at the same time on an N8. Done that while driving around in LA. The video turned out fine and I arrived at the correct location thanks to the voice guidance. Show me another phone on the market that can do that.