Rumour: BlackBerry PlayBook go-to market pricing revealed?

Let the rumours continue around the anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook by RIM. This news was just posted on Mobility Insider – these are the same guys who had the first hands on unreleased review of the upcoming Tablet – and they reveal that RIM will launch with 3 models of the PlayBook with the following pricing structure (with all devices having the same specs, just different internal memory): 8GB will retail for $399; 16GB will retail for $499 and a 32GB will be available for $599.

Specs have the PlayBook coming with a 7-inch LCD display, 1GHz Dual Core Symmetrical Multiprocessor with 1GB RAM, Out of the box support for BES, Front and rear cameras, full web experience and WiFi. The article also stated that “There will be no models with built-in WWAN connectivity, so if you don’t have a BlackBerry to tether your data connection for free, you will have to rely on WiFi or a Mobile Hotspot”. This is something that RIM will be possibly including for the next build in 2012.

Source: Mobility Insider
Via: BBSync