Bell reverses massive $47,000 cellphone bill… “I think I’ll still stay with Bell”

Here’s a really quick summary of yet another massive cellphone bill. Wanda Rooney and her daughters Alexandra and Victoria live in a hour north of Montreal in Ste. Marguerite du Lac Masson. Where they live they don’t get high speed internet so she opted to get herself an internet stick, only to find out that the 3 stores she visited were sold out. So Wanda calls Bell customer service where she was informed that she has unlimited internet on her cellphone and that she “can just connect your phone to your computer”. After asking 3 times to make sure that no additional charges would be incurred and an hour on the phone, she was good to go.

A week later her phone was disconnected. She stated that “When I spoke to the agent, he told me I had a very high balance. He told me $47,000, and then told me I had to agree to pay a minimum payment of $300 for my phones to be reconnected”. That was months ago and since that day she has been getting 20-page bills with her most recent for another $12,000. Bell has disconnected her phone a total of 6 times.

“I have pointed out many times that it was a customer service person who told me to do this, only to be told that I spoke to the wrong department. I should have been speaking with Bell Mobility, not Bell Internet. But you can’t choose who you get to speak to when you call, it’s Bell that chooses.”

So fast forward to Tuesday when she received a call from a Bell employee named Gina who works at the office of the president. She apologized and informed her that the charges will be reversed and her current balance is now $181.16.

Rooney stated “When I heard, I was so happy that I cried. She told me, she understood why I went to the newspapers about this because it’s been since July. I gave them a lot of time to handle this and they didn’t. She was really nice… I think I’ll still stay with Bell. I have been a client for 30 years. But I’m hoping after this that they offer me some sort of compensation for all the hours I have spent looking after these bills.”

Source: Montreal Gazette