Update: The “State of Android in Canada”

Back at the end of September we posted an article titled “The State of Android in Canada”. This was originally created by one of our readers and it has now been updated with all the recent Android releases in Canada. We should also note that Google recently updated their Android OS distribution and stated that “77% of all Android devices run OS 2.1 or higher”… so it’ll be interesting to see where us Canadians are at.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the manufacturers and carriers push out the Android updates. The TELUS Desire went to 2.2, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 family upgraded to 2.1, Hero to 2.1… plus we are seeing more devices launching with 2.2 (Bell HTC Desire Z, Videotron/Mobilicity Google Nexus One/Samsung Galaxy Tab)… but majority of the devices now run OS 2.1.

Here are some statistics when it comes to Android in Canada:
– There are currently 53 Android devices across 12 carriers
– Rogers leads with the most Android devices with 13, followed by TELUS with 9, Bell with 5, Videotron 4
– 26% of Android models available in Canada are running either OS 1.5 or 1.6 (11 devices)
– 60% of Android models available in Canada are running OS 2.1 (32 devices)
– 74% of Android model available in Canada are running OS 2.1 or higher
– 7 Android models available in Canada run Android 2.2 (13%)
– 50% of Android models available from Rogers are running OS 1.5/1.6
– Videotron now makes up for 8% of the Android devices in Canada (4 devices)
– All of Wind Mobile and Virgin Android devices run OS 2.1
– 8 out of 9 TELUS Android devices run 2.1 or higher, the Motorola Backflip is stuck at 1.5

So it certainly seems the Android revolution is strong in Canada. Carriers are adopting the platform and even committing to update the OS (although not as fast as us customers would like). How are you liking your Android-powered device? Would you leave it behind to go to another platform?

You can check out the full spreadsheet here at Google Docs
(Thanks Denis!)