Best Buy confirms 3-year price of Bold 9780 to be $149.99


  • Caleb

    Curious to know what OS version it ships with.

    • KC

      OS6 i believe.

      If it doesn’t, it will be upgraded shortly.

  • Kirk Menezes

    should i buy a 9700 outright($300) or get the 9780 on a threr year

    • ALCie

      3 years is a long time for a refresh BlackBerry. Im planning on picking up a cheap 9700 once people upgrade and wait for whats next.

  • Nasir

    If you dont want to be tied into a contract then get the 9700? I do think OS6 would run nicer on the 9780 and does have more memory and better camera.

  • Don Coyote

    Not bad. I wonder if it’s worth upgrading from a Bold 9000?

  • Zeake

    No one cares! No no one cares. So dance, dance like its the last, last night of your life…

    • BlueBomber


      Bold has become irrelevant at that price. the people who care about the bold-style phone already have one.

      And the people who would buy one because it’s cheaper than a torch (Barely) will end up with a curve 3g.

      Makes no difference.

    • sookster54

      Yes the Bold is a nice device, but the $599 tag is way too steep, even the 9700 was too steep and the newly released Curve 3G is almost as good as the Bold with slightly less memory and no camera flash for over $250 less.

  • sookster54

    Yes it will indeed be OS6.

  • bell employee

    it is 129.99 confirmed on bell 3 year plans and it is coming in white and black colours for bell.

  • Rogerswind

    bell will most likely be $129.99 and rogers is gna show how they r #1 by increasing the price next month to $199.99 -_-“

  • hoito

    new bold is too steep. if i get the curve 3G will they offer an upgrade for the operating system to O6?

  • Rogerswind

    yes curve 3g will upgrade to os6 theres a leak out right now.

  • Robert

    The MTM price is listed at $399.99 for TELUS

  • nommin

    Still shitty compared to Android! The torch is under-impressive. ho hum.