Chatr to release the Nokia C3 for $100, Bluetooth headset included

Last week the Nokia C3 popped up on the Nokia website with Chatr written all over it. More news today as our friends over at Future Shop have confirmed that the device will be launching and also have revealed it’ll be for $100. In addition, Chatr is throwing in a Bluetooth headset and a credit of $60 when you choose “Auto Pay” (have them bill your credit card each month). It’s a pretty good deal for this QWERTY device (and WiFi). You can expect the Chatr Nokia C3 to be available sometime in November.

On another note… it looks like Chatr is still using the “fewer dropped calls than new wireless networks” in their advertising. Other new entrants filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau that this statement provided “no solid or objective technical basis for Chatr’s claim”. No word on where this issue stands.