73.4% of the earth’s population has a mobile phone

A study released by market research firm iSuppli Corp. shows the number of worldwide wireless phone subscriptions is expected to reach a massive 5 billion sometime this month, which equals 73.4% of the earth’s population. By the end of this year the number is expected to increase by another 100 million to 5.1 billion and hit 74.5% of the world’s population.

The number of subscriptions is different by area. In Canada we’re up to about 70% of our population with a wireless device. Africa and the Middle East is about 50% of their population and over in Western Europe there are more subscribers than people (they swap out SIMs depending what country they traveling in) as wireless penetration there is up to 157.6%.

Dr. Jagdish Rebello of iSuppli said that “Wireless communication now has spread to every nation, every age and every income level, becoming a basic staple like food, clothing and shelter. Wireless now represents the biggest stage that any technology market has ever played on, offering unlimited opportunities for members of the mobile communications supply chain.”

That’s right… your phone is “becoming a basic staple like food, clothing and shelter”.

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Via: IntoMobile