Judge: Rogers days of being “Canada’s most reliable network has disappeared”

rogersreliablelatestLast week TELUS filed a suit with the Supreme Court of British Columbia against Rogers for misleading Canadians in their advertising by stating they are “Canada’s most reliable network”. The reason this came about is because TELUS launched their HSPA network that has similar reliability and network speeds.

Today Justice J. Christopher Grauer has granted a temporary injunction that might see Rogers pull their ads stating a false claim. Grauer stated “the technological advantage that allowed Rogers to represent that it has Canada’s most reliable network has disappeared”. Ouch.

TELUS Spokesperson Shawn Hall said “Our interest is in having Rogers remove this false, misleading, and harmful claim from their advertising. We’re pleased but not surprised by the ruling.”

Rogers fired back in a statement by saying “We are perplexed by the decision. We continue to believe that our network reliability claim is valid. Today we have filed an appeal with the B.C. Court of Appeal. Further steps will be taken shortly.”

For those who are with TELUS’ HSPA network and also those who are on Rogers… who is more reliable? And what does reliable actually mean for these companies? Is it calling area, dropped calls,  etc… would be great if these internal “reliability” reports were made public.

Via: TheGlobe