Bell releases BlackBerry Tour 9630 at $249.95!


  • theninjasquad

    ugh, when are they going to stop it with these damn 3 year contracts?! We're the only country it seems that does that. The standard should be 2 years MAX

  • Brenden

    Agreed. I mean look at Europe, commom is 18 Month contracts. Three years, well it sucks. Just though I would throw this out there, posted from my laptop tethered with my iPhone 3GS from Rogers, while traveling to London.

  • CarBob

    This is fantastic news for Canadians who want a BlackBerry 3G TOUR.

    As usually BELL MOBILITY has beaten Telus with the release date. How sweet it is!!

    – CB

  • wompwomp

    I get a $499 upgrade price ($200 off) when I go to upgrade from my shitty dumb phone 🙁

  • ag

    has anyone found one of these? ive called 10 stores in toronto, so far, and no one expects them until july 17…

    • Ron

      Try Baka locations. My friend went there yesterday and picked one up. Good luck!

  • Some Devil

    What a joke. They are "releasing" it today, it just won't be "available" for another week? Just a publicity stunt.

  • betamike

    I contacted bell stores as well. They were like, wtf, it's out? We don't expect any in stock until the 15th or 17th.

  • Michel

    apparently the CDMA radio is quite bad

  • Eric

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me how ANYONE off the street who has not been paying bell for 15 years for there mobile phone (I have had the same number for 15 years with Bell) can get a better deal on the Tour then me? Seems to me the getting new business and customer retention should be about equal. I don't mind the 3year contract so much, just the lack of interest in keeping me as a customer. Looks like I will be bouncing from carrier to carrier every 2 too 3 years. How annoying

    • Joey

      They don't. A new customer or a person with a full upgrade eligibility (who may even still be in contract) can get the tour for the same price. It just depends if you've had your phone long enough (based on your monthly payments) to warrant them giving you that much off the retail price.

  • ag

    finally picked one up today at sherway….