Nokia E71 available at Rogers for $99.99

**UPDATE** – We have now seen this at Rogers for $49.99. Visit this link for more info.

After a long haul into Canada, the Nokia E71 is now available at Rogers Wireless for new customers or existing customers on a hardware upgrade for $99.99 (with a minimum voice and data plan of $45 a month).

The Nokia E71 was originally to be released through Fido until the dog was told to settle down. When I called Rogers none of the Customer Service reps new about the device or when it would be available. If you call you have to be disciplined to find a good rep who’ll give you the correct info. I originally was given $349.99 on a 3-year plan, $374.99 on a 2-year plan, $524.99 on a 1-year plan and a wacked outright price for $749.99… then I asked for the promo price (which drops it down to $99.99).

This is not on the Rogers site yet but will be shortly. In addition, we were sent this link by a Hofo member with additional details by Treatz who started the story.