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CRTC challenging telcos over additional fees for paper billing

The CRTC has announced a pro-consumer initiative that’s takes aim at both telecom and broadcast companies and how they sometimes charge customers an additional fee for receiving a paper bill. The CRTC today declared today that it will start meeting with various Canadian organizations to discuss the practice of charging customers an additional fee if


Mobilicity unveils new Data and Voice Canada Roaming pricing

Struggling wireless carrier Mobilicity was recently granted creditor protection until September 26th. Upon that date, we’ll discover the fate of the company, which revealed in a court document it has 155,000 active subscribers. In what could be a early back-to-school promotion, or possibly one last kick at the can, Anthony Booth, Mobilicity’s CEO, has teased Canadians “amazing new


Court grants Mobilicity creditor protection until September 26th

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has once again granted Mobilicity, legally known as Data & Audio-Visual Enterprises Holdings Inc., creditor protection, until September 26th. According to the latest court documents, Mobilicity noted that its “Cash Flow Statement projects that the Applicants will have sufficient liquidity to operate, and to fund the costs of this


CRTC makes registered numbers on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) permanent

The CRTC announced today that the numbers registered with the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) are now permanent. Canadians were previously informed that they would need to re-register their numbers at some point in time, but this move “enhances the CRTC’s ability to protect the privacy of Canadians from unwanted telemarketing calls.” The DNCL


CRTC: Canadians submitted 12,000 telemarketing complaints in April

Every month the CRTC releases new stats on the National Do Not Call list. This initiative was created back in 2008 with a goal for Canadians to register their home phone, wireless, fax or VoIP telephone numbers to prevent telemarketers from calling. If you receive an unwanted call, which still happens to many of us,


Update: TELUS pulls out of the $350 million Mobilicity deal

The TELUS/Mobilicity deal just might finally be over. After going in for a third time, a report in the Globe and Mail, unconfirmed by TELUS, states that TELUS has ended its attempt to purchase the struggling carrier after unknown conditions of the deal were not met. The Globe’s sources stated that TELUS is “no longer