HTC 10 review: Back to basics

For HTC, the 10 is a return back to the basic concept of a smartphone. It’s also a direct response to the heavy criticism the M9 received last year, likely…


10 things you should know about the HTC 10

 1. Low call volume By Rose Behar Despite the 10’s amazing sound performance for listening to music, the sound quality for calling is poor. In any public or outdoor area,…


Bell exclusively releases the HTC 10 in Canada

The HTC 10 is officially available in Canada and Bell is the phone’s exclusive carrier. As previously reported, the cost of the Glacier Silver HTC is $349.99 on a 2-year…


Canadian carrier pricing for the HTC 10

HTC officially announced the HTC 10 earlier this month. This flagship smartphone is available to order unlocked through its website for $999, but Canadians wanting to save a few bucks…


Win a Bell HTC 10!

With its chamfered edges, the HTC 10 is the latest Android-powered flagship to arrive in Canada. Following similar design lines from its long history of smartphones, the HTC 10 brings…

HTC Vive consumer

In light of dwindling sales, HTC puts its faith in the Vive

It’s almost impossible to imagine anything overtaking the smartphone as the world’s go-to device. However, according to Wang Tsung-Ching, the head of HTC Vive China, virtual reality devices will surpass…


64GB HTC 10 will not be coming to Canada

The latest flagship smartphone from HTC, the HTC 10, can currently be purchased through its online store for $999 CAD, or if you’re lucky to score a discount you can…


Do you plan to buy the HTC 10?

After countless leaks, the HTC 10 is at last official. Featuring a new designed, as well as improved specs across the board, the 10 will cost $999 in Canada. The…


Bell exclusively releasing the HTC 10 in Canada

HTC has had a long history of Android smartphones. The company was first to market with Android with the T-Mobile G1 and has now released a follow-up to the One…


HTC 10 specs, Canadian pricing and availability

HTC has officially announced its latest flagship, the HTC 10. This is a follow-up to the HTC One M9 and brings back a familiar design but also introduces notable changes….