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Google misses market expectations, down 4% in after-hours trading

Google released their Q1 2014 financial results today, and despite a healthy quarter, Google failed to meet high market expectations. Google posted a Q1 revenue of $15.4 billion verses analyst estimates of $15.54 billion, and a $6.27 adjusted EPS versus analyst estimates of $6.44. Google is currently down 4% in after-hours trading at the time


Google Opinion Rewards for Android now available to Canadians

If you’re into giving feedback, this is right up your alley. Google Opinion Rewards for Android is now available for Canadians, giving the chance to offer up a bit of your intelligence via surveys in exchange for some Google Play credits. Those interested in participating must have an Android device running OS 2.3.3 or higher


Meet the team behind Google’s Project Ara

Forget Google Glass (sorry, Tom) and self-driving cars: Project Ara may be Google’s most exciting future product. One of two projects under development in the former Motorola ATAP group, Project Ara promises the globe a modular and upgradable smartphone at a base price of $50. Google has been slowly peeling back the curtain on Project


Google likely to release standalone camera app for all Android devices

Google is planning to release a standalone camera app to the Play Store intended for all Android devices, according to sources close to Engadget. The company has been rumoured to be overhauling its camera experience for months, especially after proof that the stock Nexus camera inaccurately crops photos in the viewfinder. The Nexus 5 was accused


Google appears to be mandating an Android logo on OEM boot screens

In case you haven’t noticed, something is afoot with Google in the Android space. The company appears to be asserting a moderately increased amount of pressure on its OEM partners, working with Samsung to tone down the look of its Magazine UX. They’ve also ensured that the notification area displays white icons across all devices


Here’s another look at LG’s G Watch

Last week, as part of Google’s Android Wear announcement, LG revealed that it will be the first OEM to release a smartwatch for the new platform: the G Watch. Little is known about the LG G Watch, but it’s believed to be launching worldwide in Q2 for around $300, with touchscreen and voice command support.