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HTC One Mini now available at Fido


Fido customers looking for a low-cost, mid-sized smartphone now have the option of purchasing the HTC One Mini.

The 4.3-inch device was recently added to Fido’s lineup of Android devices, and is available for $0 on a 2-year contract with a Smart plan, $150 on a 2-year contract with a Standard plan, and $400 outright.

We really liked the HTC One Mini when it was released, and despite its relatively low-speed 1.4Ghz Snapdragon 400 SoC and 1GB of RAM, it’s since received Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 5.5 and should satisfy most users’ needs.


‘Moto X+1′ could be the name of Motorola’s next flagship


‘Moto X+1′could be the name of Motorola’s next flagship

Motorola exclusively launched the Moto X in Canada last year via Rogers. This flagship device brought many unique characteristics to the smartphone game that includes deep integration with Google, but the main design element of Moto Maker — which allows the users to customize the device — has yet to make it here.

The Moto X is now available at Fido and MTS, but Rogers stated to us that the “Moto X is nearing discontinuation at Rogers.” The device can still be purchased from various retail store, but is now available from their online store. (more…)


HTC One M8 review


There’s a popular idiom reinforced in schools every year to millions of students: two heads are better than one. The thinking goes, one person is an island, and smart as he may be, there’s always another way to look at a problem. With the second HTC One, the M8, the Taiwanese manufacturer worked closely with chip designer Qualcomm to create a device with two cameras that work together to seamlessly solve one problem: depth.

While there’s no question that the all-metal One M8 is beautiful, fast and well-made, some of HTC’s decisions, including that dual-camera array, provoke more questions than they answer. That there is so much to like about the phone makes its failings even more frustrating — and disappointing. This is the year HTC needs to make its comeback, and with the One M8 as its vehicle, can the once-leader of the Android market regain its footing?



CyanogenMOD reveals its new logo and mission statement


Customization. Security. Open Source.

These are the three tenets of CyanogenMOD’s new logo and mission statement, revealed this week. The company has gone legit, emerging from its two funding rounds as a de facto Android development house, creating custom ROMs for OEMs like Oppo and OnePlus.

The new logo, which features a broken hexagon unfurled into a “C” and arrow, inside which another smaller hexagon sits, represents those three tenets. (more…)


Apple acquires Novauris to improve Siri speech recognition


Just a day after Microsoft unveiled its Cortana digital assistant as part of a major Windows Phone update, Apple has confirmed its acquisition of speech recognition technology company Novauris. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, it’s clear the company was brought in to work on Siri.

After an initial splash and some savvy commercials, Siri has yet to live up to its promise, with some reports suggesting that 4 out of 5 iPhone owners haven’t used Siri in iOS 7. Novauris’ founders have a long history in voice recognition, and were developing large-vocabulary, automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for access to information stored locally on mobile devices or remotely on servers prior to being acquired. Novauris’ onwership of the core technology, as well as its familiarity with both the embedded and server side of voice recognition, could be a huge boon for Apple. Siri is currently powered by Nuance, a technology Apple has unsuccessfully attempted to acquire in the past, and the company might be looking to bring as much of Siri’s core technology in-house to spur innovation and further differentiate from competitors.

We asked Siri for comment on her future plans, but she declined to comment.


Shopify launches mobile card reader for Canadian retailers

Shopify Mobile Launch 6

Despite being an Ottawa-based company, Shopify has tended to try new things south of the border first before bringing them back home. Such is the case with the company’s mobile card reader that turns an iPhone into a point-of-sale (PoS) solution — a device that is also given away for free to clients who want to accept payments virtually anywhere.

Shopify showed off the reader and its various other offerings for retailers at an event in Toronto this week, presenting what it thinks is a complete PoS system that gives Canada’s mom-and-pop shops the tools to work as if a much larger company.



Koodo Mobile drops price of the Nexus 5 to $400


The most cost effective way to score a Nexus 5 is via Google Play. However, for those who want to purchase through the carriers you might want to consider heading over to Koodo Mobile. What was once a high $500 has been reduced by a $100 to $400 retail.

Koodo currently stocks the 16GB version and the colour is only available in black. As for specs, a refresher of the Nexus 5 has this pure Android (OS 4.4 KitKat) sporting a 5-inch display, 8MP camera with a 1.3 front facing camera, 2GB RAM and a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.

Check out our review here.

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Industry Canada outlines its digital strategy, reaffirms commitment to reduce domestic roaming costs


Industry Minister James Moore travelled to OpenText’s headquarters in Waterloo today for the announcement of Digital Canada 150, a strategy for Canada’s strong digital future to honour the country’s 150th anniversary.

Forward-thinking in its approach, Moore outlined the five “key pillars” for a thriving digital Canada: connecting Canadians; protecting Canadians; economic opportunities; digital government; and Canadian content. For wireless consumers, many of the same assertions were made that we’ve heard by the Government in previous months: a commitment to lowering domestic roaming costs for companies like WIND Mobile and Videotron; and the implementation of a “use it or lose it” policy for companies who buy spectrum to sit on it until a better deal comes around.

For wireless customers, Digital 150 is more a summary of previous announcements than the introduction of new policy. Industry Canada is set to implement changes to the policy on cellphone tower installations, taking feedback from land owners and community members. And the Spectrum License Transfer Framework Policy will continue to prevent “undue concentration” of spectrum by the Big Three, the same policy that continues to prevent TELUS from purchasing Mobilicity. (more…)


TomTom brings its two new sports watches to Canada


TomTom, a company once synonymous with mapping and in-car GPS units, is making a play for the Canadian athlete training market with two new sports watches: the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS and TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS.

Fashioned as weather-hardy sports “gear” more than a smartwatch with added sports features, the two devices feature heart rate sensors and a bevy of training modes that appeal more to the hardcore trainers. The screen is covered with thick, scratch-resistant plastic, and movement through the relatively straightforward menu system relies on a clicky directional pad underneath. While the addition of a touchscreen would have been useful, Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom, told me that the decision was made to ensure functionality with sweaty fingers or in inclement weather. (more…)