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Google Home-2

Google opens up Google Assistant Actions to developers

Google unveiled the Google Assistant this past year. While the platform surely had a lot of potential, the Google Assistant itself was limited in its functionality. However, this might change…


Fido slashes price of iPad Air 2 by $200 on Easy Pay

When one sibling does something, the other typically follows suite. Now, I’m not sure which one did it first, but yesterday we reported that Rogers was offering a $200 off iPad…


BlackBerry goes all-in on IoT with BlackBerry Secure

Continuing its transformation into a security-focused software company, BlackBerry has announced a new Internet of Things management platform. Dubbed BlackBerry Secure, the platform integrates BES12, now known as BlackBerry UEM under…


Microsoft completes $26.2B LinkedIn acquisition

After making the announcement this past June, Microsoft has finally closed its acquisition of LinkedIn. In the end, Microsoft paid a whopping $26.2 billion or $196 USD per share to…

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