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Galaxy S6 hands-on

Samsung Galaxy S7 series to come in two sizes

Samsung will follow up its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge with two new smartphones in February, according to ETNews and Reuters. The company is expected to announce a flat-screen Galaxy…


Samsung officially unveils the 6-inch Galaxy A9

After leaking numerous times over the last few weeks, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A9 smartphone has finally been officially announced by the South Korean company. The Galaxy A9 shares many of…

Gear S2

5 reasons to love the Samsung Gear S2

I have a confession to make: for someone that writes for a website dedicated to mobile technology, I am, in fact, a Luddite. I’m often less enthusiastic than my colleagues…

Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch review

It’s no secret Samsung is doing its best to make Tizen a force in the platform wars currently controlled by Apple and Google. For years, Samsung’s hardware has paired with…

Galaxy S6

Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy S7 should have

Visit the Android Subreddit these days and you’ll inevitably find a post or two linking to a story that purports to have leaked info on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Most…

Samsung Galaxy View

The Samsung Galaxy View now available in Canada

The Galaxy View, Samsung’s recently announced TV replacement tablet, is now available in Canada. Priced at $699, the View is available in this country exclusively through Bell and The Source….