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It’s easy to root your new Galaxy S5 with Chainfire’s Auto-root tool


It may not be standard practice for a lot of Canadian Android owners, but there is a dedicated minority of hackers, developers and modders who will appreciate being able to root their brand new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Chainfire, one of the most well-known Samsung hackers around, has developed a tool called Auto-root for the Canadian version of the Galaxy S5, model number SM-G900W8, that takes advantage of the device’s unlocked bootloader to push the relevant root files and associated SuperSU software that facilitates access for other apps. (more…)


Just bought a Samsung Galaxy S5? Remember to redeem your Galaxy Gifts


If you just bought a Galaxy S5, you’re probably playing with it to discover the new features added to the device this year. If you can pry your finger away from the heart rate monitor for a moment, remember to take a look at the various gifts Samsung has bestowed upon you with the purchase.

On the third home screen, you’ll find a widget called Galaxy Gifts. Tap on that and log in to your Samsung Account (or reluctantly create one if this is your first Samsung device — we know, it sucks, but it’s a necessary evil) and you’ll see all the freebies Samsung has worked to offer its Canadian customers.

Not all of them are great, but some are: three months of Evernote Premium; $15 in-game credits for Cut the Rope 2; 12 months of Bloomberg Businessweek+ access; six months of EasilyDo Pro access; 50GB of Box access for six months.

Let us know which ones you’re excited for!


Hands-on with Rogers suretap wallet mobile payment solution for Android and BlackBerry 10


Rogers has finally launched its long-awaited suretap wallet product, available today for a number of devices, including the Galaxy S5. In fact, all future NFC-compatible Android and BlackBerry devices will arrive with suretap wallet pre-installed.

So what is it? And why use it? That’s a good question, and one Rogers is trying very hard to thoughtfully answer. At its core, suretap wallet is an open destination for cards, all types of cards, from payment to loyalty to gift. At the moment, the selection is rather barren — there is no credit card support, and loyalty is nowhere to be seen — but Rogers promises that will get better very quickly. Using the combination of a secure element, in this case a SIM card designed to store payment credentials and pass them, securely, to a payment terminal for which only the issuer has the key, a user can treat a touchless retail terminal the same way they would a physical credit card. The payment itself is processed wirelessly using near-field communications (NFC), eliminating the need to enter a PIN code or issue a signature. (more…)


Nikon returns to the Android camera game, bringing the 16MP S810c to Canada in May for $370

Screenshot 2014-04-10 14.06.39

Nikon is back in the Android camera game after the disastrous S800c, which launched in late 2012 and suffered from bad software, poor performance and terrible app support.

The WiFi-enabled point-and-shoot, which sold for $379CDN, was a great idea, and has since been bettered by Samsung’s Galaxy Camera, which also launched its second version recently. (more…)


Samsung Galaxy S5 now available in Canada


The time has finally arrived for Samsung as its latest flagship has hit retail stores across the world, including Canada. The Galaxy S5 is available on several carriers today — Rogers, Bell, TELUS, WIND, Eastlink, Videotron, Virgin and SaskTel – and depending on the carrier the GS5 is priced between $229.99 on a 2-year contract and $730 no-term.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S5,  they declared it to be a “refined experience” from the previous models as it sported an improved design, specs and features that includes an improved camera, built-in heart rate monitor and IP67 rated that makes it waterproof and dust resistant.

The LTE-enabled GS5 runs Android OS 4.4.2 KitKat, has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display (1920×1080, 432ppi), a 2.5 Ghz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, Bell’s MobileTV service, 16GB of storage, 2800 mAh battery and comes in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White.

Our review will be posted shortly… but in the meantime enter our Galaxy S5 giveaway here.



Win a Bell Samsung Galaxy S5! (Contest)


This is a big one. The Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s newest flagship Android and Bell has graciously handed one over to us to giveaway!

How do you win?
Easy, you just leave a comment in the blog post below and we’ll pick the winners at random. Please ensure you have a valid account associated with your Disqus profile, and that you’re following MobileSyrup on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ so we can get in touch with you.

This contest closes on April 18th. Good luck to all who enter!


The Heartbleed bug hit-list: how to best update all your passwords


As news broke this Monday of the Heartbleed bug, citizens of the Internet have been scrambling to discover just how many of their favourite sites and services may have been compromised. If you haven’t yet heard, the Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library which allows for the exposure of sensitive account information like passwords and credit card numbers. OpenSSL is used by the vast majority of websites on the Internet, which means that a large number of the apps currently sitting on your smartphone were compromised as well.

A quick rundown of the affected site list at Mashable is pretty damning: Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Dropbox to name a few. While it won’t do anything to protect against previously lost data, as the vulnerability has been around for nearly two years, your best bet is to change the password for any web service affected. However, as password manager service LastPass notes, changing your password before these sites update their SSL certificates won’t help.

To that end, they’ve created a handy tool for checking the status of each affected web site. Check it out here.


Amazon acquiring popular digital comics platform comiXology


Amazon has announced its acquisition of digital comics and graphics novel platform, comiXology, for an undisclosed sum.

The platform, which supports Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows tablets, sells digital content from 75 publishers, including Marvel and DC Comics, and has proven to be very popular with comics veterans and novices alike.

It’s unclear whether Amazon will change the company’s business model in any way — it currently sells titles a la carte and by subscription — or how it will integrate comiXology into the company’s own Kindle publishing business, but co-founder and CEO, David Steinberger, said, “Working together, we look to accelerate a new age for comic books and graphic novels.”


Android will now constantly scan your phone for misbehaving apps


Last year, Google built a “Verify Apps” feature into Android that scans apps for m alware upon installation.

While that process, which has been used 4 billion times according to the company, has successfully prevented infection from countless malicious apps, it doesn’t go far enough; code can be remotely changed after installation, making it relatively easy for m alware vendors to counteract Google’s defences. (more…)