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HP to acquire Samsung’s printer division for $1.05B

In the midst of Samsung’s Note 7 debacle, the company announced its intention to sell its printer division to HP Inc for $1.05 billion. The sale was reportedly approved by…


Samsung officially recalls Galaxy Note 7 devices

Samsung Canada today announced it is officially recalling the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone it sold from August 19th to September 1st of this year. “The Samsung Note7 smartphone battery has…


Samsung tells consumers to stop using the Note 7 immediately

The nightmare continues for Samsung. First, the FAA warned against bringing the Galaxy Note 7 on planes, then Transport Canada followed suite with its own caution, and finally, Health Canada…


Samsung launches Galaxy Folder 2 flip-phone in China

Flip phones are back, at least in China. Samsung has launched its new Galaxy Folder 2 flip-phone in China. The handset, which is a throwback to the fondly remembered mobile…


Samsung may go edge only for the Galaxy S8

Samsung may not make a flat panel version of its next Galaxy S8 smartphone, according to The Korean Herald. Citing its own sources, the publication says Samsung has already started…


How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Canada

The Galaxy Note 7 might have come out to rave reviews, but its battery’s tendency to explode meant the company had to recall all units that were initially shipped, which…


Note 7 recall estimated to cost Samsung $1 billion

Samsung may spend as much as $1 billion USD to replace all of the 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones it recalled last week. That’s according to an estimate by Bloomberg….


Samsung Gear 360 review: Spherical eye

Close to the size of a billiard ball, and not far off from a grenade, the Samsung Gear 360 is meant to be versatile and explosive like those two objects,…