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Apple products set to return to Costco after four years


Costco members haven’t been able to buy Apple products at their favourite warehouse since 2010, the days of the iPhone 4 and the original, first generation iPad. Even then, the chain only sold Apple products in its physical stores and not online. That’s all about to change, though.

Late last month, Costco USA started selling Apple electronics via its website. Now, Costco Canada is reportedly set to do the same. iPhone in Canada cites sources that say Apple will carry the iPod touch and iPod nano as well as the Retina and non-Retina versions of the iPad mini and the iPad Air. (more…)


Apple offers iOS 8 beta 4 to developers


Apple has offered up iOS 8 beta 4 to developers two weeks after the third beta, which came two weeks after the second. See a pattern?

The company is rolling out a steady stream of test code for developers to build their apps upon before the public release this fall, which will almost certainly coincide with a new iPhone version.

iOS 8 promises a number of important new user-facing features, including Extensions like custom keyboards, Continuity for handing off functions between iOS and OS X devices, actionable notifications, as well as a new focus on health.

Apple will be reporting its fiscal Q3 2014 earnings on July 22nd, so stay tuned.


Moto E arrives at Staples Canada for $179 unlocked


We first saw the Moto E way back in May, when Motorola told us that its newest budget smartphone would be available in Canada sometime this summer. Well, sometime is today, because Motorola’s budget Android smartphone has finally arrived. Big box retailer Staples has released the unlocked Moto E and it’s ready to sell for the ripe price of $180 ($179.62 to be exact). (more…)


Clear Channel Outdoor lands 10-year deal for interactive ads at Billy Bishop Airport


Clear Channel Outside already provides advertising in Pearson airport as well as Vancouver International and a number of regional Canadian airports, and now it’s landing at Billy Bishop with a new digital ad deal.

The company this week announced that it had secured a 10-year contract from City Centre Terminal Corp to provide an ad program with “immersive and experiential digital media” at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport. Clear Channel Outside’s ads will provide local and global advertisements across five large-format displays throughout the airport terminal. (more…)


Google reportedly frustrated by Samsung’s love of Tizen


Samsung’s been in the smartwatch game a bit longer than most. The company’s already on its second version of the Galaxy Gear, announced this past spring at MWC, and now has a third Gear running on Google’s Android Wear platform. However, it seems Google is none too pleased that Samsung is spending so much time on its own proprietary system. According to The Information, Google CEO Larry Page met with Samsung last week to voice his frustrations. (more…)


Moto G successor to allegedly sport 8MP camera


The Moto G is, despite its strong pedigree, beginning to show its age. The device has been on the market for nearly eight months, and Motorola is unlikely to let the momentum for its top-selling smartphone slow anytime soon.

So it makes sense that the company is readying a successor, one that sports a similarly-sized screen and unchanged internals. This, according to Spanish-language site, Mallandono Android, is what Motorola has planned for its Moto G successor. Dubbed Moto G2, with model number XT1068, the device purportedly has a 720p display, a quad-core ARMv7-based chip (likely the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC), dual-SIM capabilities and an 8MP rear camera sensor. (more…)


BlackBerry names Marty Beard as COO


BlackBerry has announced the appointment of Marty Beard as its Chief Operating Officer. Beard  was previously Chairman and CEO of LiveOps, a cloud-based company that specializes in customer service, and has also served as President of Sybase 365 and various roles at Oracle.

As COO of BlackBerry, Beard will be “responsible for cross-functional organizations, including Marketing, BlackBerry 10 Application Development, Customer Care and Quality.” In addition, Beard’s duties will include implementing best practices and processes to make BlackBerry successful in the future.

BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen said, “BlackBerry continues to attract top talent to the company. Marty brings extensive experience in operations, marketing and serving customers through the best technologies and processes available.”

Beard starts immediately and joins John Chen, James Mackey, John Sims, Mark Wilson, James Yersh and Steven Zipperstein on the Executive Team at BlackBerry.


BlackBerry Q5 reaches its End of Life on Bell


Almost eleven months ago, the entry-level BlackBerry Q5 was released in Canada. The device resembled a QWERTY BlackBerry Q10, but sported a plastic body with squared-off corners. With the new wave of BlackBerry devices upon us, it seems that Bell is making space on its shelves, giving the Q5 an “End of Life” notice. (more…)


Parrot’s FreeFlight 3 app now available for iOS and Android just in time for new MiniDrones


Parrot is on its way to releasing two MiniDrones in Canada over the next few weeks — smaller, cheaper and more acrobatic alternatives to the company’s popular AR.Drone 2.0 quadricopter.

In the run-up to the release of the rolling-flying hybrid Rolling Spider and versatile high-Jumping Sumo, the company has released a new controller app, FreeFlight 3, for iOS and Android. (more…)


Google Maps for Android update adds elevation data for cyclists, lets you talk back to Navigation


Google is pushing out an update for Google Maps for Android that will make things a little bit easier for cyclists planning their journeys. Now, when you go to plan a route, it will show you the elevation for each of your route options. If you don’t like it, you can always switch to another, less mountainous route for your commute.

Google is also adding voice voice actions in navigation mode. This feature will let you ask Google different questions about your route along the way. You might want to know when (or what) the next turn is, or how long until you reach your destination. To find out, you just tap the little microphone icon on the bottom right and ask Google, “How long until I arrive?” Google will respond with the amount of time until your destination, information that was already offered in text form via Navigation. You can also use voice actions to turn certain features on and off, like traffic. (more…)