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Roam Mobility gets cutthroat with new unlimited U.S. plans


Roaming is for suckers, according to Roam Mobility. The Canadian company has staked its reputation on providing better service and significantly cheaper rates for customers travelling to the United States, and today is announcing a new range of plans, bundles and add-ons to undercut Canadian carriers even further.

Earlier this month, we told you about Roam’s new LTE network, which uses T-Mobile’s growing footprint in most big cities. The company asks existing customers to pay a one-time upgrade fee of $1.95, and is using these new plans as incentive to do so. (more…)


Microsoft bringing Cortana to Canada in next Windows Phone Developer Preview

Screenshot 2014-07-30 09.12.05

Well, it wasn’t exactly as promised, but Microsoft is making good on its word to bring Cortana to Canada.

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 will be released as a Developer Preview next week, and along with a number of improvements to the core OS, an alpha version of Cortana will be made available to Canadians. Note that it is not localized to Canada just yet, hence the ‘alpha’ moniker, but will offer either US or UK content depending on user preference.



Thalmic Labs begins shipping Myo Developer Kit, says pre-orders topped 40,000 units


Thalmic Labs has followed through on its commitment to begin shipping Myo, its gesture control armband. According to the CBC, Thalmic has received over 40,000 pre-orders for the wearable device at $149 each. Though the units shipping out now are Myo Developer Kits, intended for software developers, the consumer version of the Myo will begin shipping in September.



LG G3 to offer additional colours this August, including Moon Violet and Burgundy Red

LG is set to reveal new colours for its G3 flagship this August. Though the phone was announced back in May in black, white and gold hues, the company hinted at two more varieties for various markets.

We now know that these colours will be Moon Violet and Burgundy Red, though it’s unclear whether either of them will be offered in Canada. Indeed, black is the only colour available at launch from Rogers, Bell, MTS, Sasktel and Videotron, according to LG Canada, though the company hinted that new options may be available down the road. (more…)


LG G3 review


I don’t envy the decisions made inside the walls of manufacturers like LG. After proving deft at creating high-end smartphones that excel in practically every area, further improvement is to be found in the nooks of refinement, not the broad strokes that we saw in years past.

With the G3, LG has fashioned a beautiful smartphone that proves customer consideration is the highest form of flattery. By revising the shape of the divisive G2, its successor adds a removable battery and expandable storage, as well as a larger, higher-resolution screen, with few obvious sacrifices. But drawing down on the device in more detail, we discover that LG might have been a little too ambitious in some areas. Is it enough to bring down the whole package? Let’s find out.



Link Bubble gets first big update in months, but it was worth the wait


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Link Bubble is a brilliant concept. It allows Android users, many of whom are voracious consumers of content, to load up web pages in a resizable “bubble” that overlays on top of the existing application. While it works great in many situations, Link Bubble is especially useful on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which are increasingly focussed on loading external content in a browser window.



Providence Equity Partners tipped to make an investment in WIND Mobile


The saga to become Canada’s fourth national wireless player continues. The latest report, courtesy of Bloomberg, suggests that US-based Providence Equity Partners Inc., is considering investing an unknown amount into WIND Mobile. Providence has previously invested in Univision, VoiceStream (now T-Mobile US), Warner Music Group, Western Wireless, and is part owner of Brampton-based Q9 Networks Inc.

The finer details of the rumoured investment were not made public, nor the intentions of how the investment will be spent. Representatives from WIND Mobile, VimpelCom and Providence declined to comment on the report. (more…)


BlackBerry adds additional security with BlackBerry Guardian, a tool that automatically scans suspicious Android apps


Last February, BlackBerry and Trend Micro announced BlackBerry Guardian, a real-time tool that scans installed apps for malware against the company’s extensive database.

The two companies combined resources to ensure apps within BlackBerry World are safe for BlackBerry 10 users to download. BlackBerry Guardian is a “multi-layered strategy” that involves both automated and manual analysis to vet apps before they show up on the storefront. (more…)