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iOS 10 emoji

Apple previews iOS 10’s more diverse emoji set

Following the lead of Google, Apple has added more gender diverse emoji to its upcoming iOS 10 software update. Although scheduled to officially land this fall, users in the company’s…


Non-tech reviewer unboxes the ZTE Axon 7

For this unboxing, the MobileSyrup team decided to take a different approach. We asked someone not very well-versed in the world of smartphones to give their first impressions of ZTE’s…


Amazon previews Prime Day deals

Amazon has revealed some of the deals Prime subscribers can expect to take advantage on June 12th. Compared to Prime Day 2015, the company says customers of its guaranteed two-day…


Moto G4 Plus review: From budget to mid-range

Moto G phones are not exciting. They’re not sexy and they’re not powerhouses. But they get the job done, and do it for a reasonable price. Since the line’s launch…

Huawei GR5 canada 3

Huawei GR5 review: Pretty, but not so nice on the inside

In many ways, Huawei is a brand without an identity in Canada, though the company has invested fairly heavily in the country, particularly in selling network equipment to the carriers….

weBoost Drive 4G-X

weBoost Drive 4G-X review: Signal on the road

Losing reception in the car doesn’t seem to be the sort of thing people gripe about anymore, but that could also depend on where you live and the route you’re…


Fitbit Alta review: The perfect Fitbit for almost everyone

Step counters, or pedometers as they’re more formally know, have existed for centuries – most people probably remember getting one alongside a box of cereal they purchased sometime in the past…