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Bell NHL Decals goes live for Storm, Curve, Flip and Pearl

nhlblackberryBell has released a new promo targeted to the ultimate NHL fans. When you buy a BlackBerry Storm, Curve, Flip and any Pearl you can get yourself a spanking decal of your favourite team… or just the NHL logo also. The promos are different prices for each device and you will need to enter your 10-digit redemption number.


Video Review: Rogers Samsung Gravity

Rogers is on a big push with messaging devices. We recently reviewed the Samsung Propel, LG Neon and now have taken some time to check out the Samsung T456 Gravity.

The Gravity is another slider that has a full QWERTY keyboard. The overall style of device is nothing new to the market, but has a nice screen size of 2.1-inches (176 x 220 pixels). The overall dimensions are 115 x 53 x 18 mm and weights in at 124 grams. You can pick and choose between colours as this comes in Grey and White.

The actual device feels solid and has a glossy shine to it. The keypad on both the front face and full QWERTY are a bit raised which makes it easier to type on. Also, with its dedicated keys to the internet and quick soft key buttons will make for a more pleasant user experience. The Gravity is easy to learn and nothing is stands out with this phone – except for the slide out QWERTY keyboard which makes messaging a breeze.

The 1.3 megapixel camera is basic these days, but the good news is that you can take video with it (Although, comes out pixelated). What I did like about the Gravity is the speakers – they have a clear sound to them and some serious volume. This comes with a music player and has internal storage of 60MB with microSD that can expand up to 4 GB.

Apart from your standard add-ons such as the calendar, calculator, currency converter, notepad, to-do list, the Gravity is just above a basic phone these days. This is available in Grey or White on the following plans: 3-year: $29.99; 2-year: $79.99; 1-year: $149.99 and Outright: $199.99.

Check out our video review here:


LG Canadian Texting Championships are back!

facebook1For those who remember last years “Canadian Texting Championships” will remember Mark “Jervy” Breiva of Mississauga thumbed his way to a cool $25,000 and was crowned our Canadian champion.

LG is bringing back the Canadian Texting Championships and officially starts March 16th in Toronto, then travels across Canada to find regional winners. Then all regional winners will come back to Toronto for the big final challenge on June 29th with a shot of winning 25k.

A quick tip, looks like they are promoting the following devices so make sure you know one of these well: Neon, Rumour, Voyager, Reveal, KEYBO and Dare. Check it out here


Video Review: BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip (Bell & TELUS)

Bell and TELUS both recently released the BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip. This is RIM’s first entrance into the flip phone market and made it look somewhat classy.

This comes in Pink and Black and certainly looks glossy. The Flip has 2 displays: Internal screen size is 2.4 inches (240 x 320 pixels), External screen is: 1.6 inches (128 x 160 pixels). On the external display it shows the date, time, message indicator, signall and battery strength. A nice feature on the external screen is when you receive messages, a portion of the message appears with what number. In addition, on the front of the device is the 2 megapixel camera with flash.

The cameral has video capabities and it’s nnice to see that RIM put in a 2 megapixel in there (same as the iPhone). The quality is ok and did not xcome up to pixelated. The camera also has a built in flash.

This is such an easy device to learn how to use and by far one of its greatest assets is the web experience. Viewing webpages on this is a joy as it renders pages as if it would on your computer. The actual speed is great (we tested this in both the Bell and TELUS version). On the Bell 8230 it comes loaded with NHL content so you can keep up to date on all your scores, highlights etc…

As with any BlackBerry Pearl these days it has SureType, this makes it easier for you to type your messages. We demostrated this in our review. Generally, the Flip is good entry device, especially if you want a BlackBerry. You can have al your e-mails, IM, Media features (Camera, Video, Music), this has a standard 3.5 mm earphone jack and a MicroSD slot for you to put in up to 16GB…. overal weight is 102 grams.

Check out the review here:

Pricing is as follow for the 8230:

3-year contract: $49.99-3 year with voice and data
2-year contract: $299.99
1- year contract: $399.99
No contract: $449.99

Outright: $499.95
1-year: $449.95
2-year: $349.95
3-year: $29.95


Virgin drops price of Curve (again) and Rumour

virgindropsThis has been a seesaw as we’ve seen the Virgin BlackBerry Curve start off at $79, then dropped all the way to $39 only to be raised up to $99. But now, you can save a bit of money and get this for $79.99 . Seems like they are dropping prices to be consistant with the “Screw You Recession” initiave.

Virgin has also dropped the price of the LG Rumour by 50% to $24.99.These are both on a promo until the end of March and has to be purchased on a 3-year contract.


Rugged Motorola VE465 coming to Canada

ve465moto-canadaiIf you’re interested in what will be the next device in Motorola’s “Rugged” lineup… wait no longer. The VE465 “Action Edition” is the follow up to the recent Extreme and V750.

The word we got from our friends over at Mototola Canada that this will “soon be available in Canada”. We are projecting by the end of Q1 2009 and this to be released with TELUS.

ve465iamge1We have highlighted some key features below…. The description sent in to us says the “VE465 Active Edition, the newest addition to the Motorola rugged family, is for those for whom style is as important as durability. Outdoor enthusiasts and those who are just hard on their phone will find Active Edition the perfect solution. It sports a classic feel that is as eye- catching as it is solid, with features that keep you entertained and in touch. Take your tunes with you wherever you go. Store more music with up to 4 GB optional removable storage and use Full Speed USB technology for fast file transfers from your PC. And, use the 2.5 mm stereo headset jack to plug in your headphones and go. Two lighting modes make it super easy to see important functions on-the-go. Keys turn white in “media” mode and blue in “call” mode making it easy to read and respond. Turn Stereo Bluetooth® on and off, and play, pause or advance music without having to open the flip for an easy-to-use one-touch experience. The keypad is designed to make active dialing as easy as possible with raised keys.”

Also, the VE465 has 2 two color displays: internal is 1.9 inches (176 x 220 pixels) and external is 96 x 80 pixels. This also has a 1.3 megapixel camera that has video capabilities.

More soon.


iPhone App of the Day: “LightBike”

Thanks to our buddies of at Mactropolis for pointing this one out to us. On of the hottest games (there are now over 6,000 in total) to hit the appStore is Lightbike. It’s a throwback to the movie Tron and even better is that there is a free version available (also a paod on e too for $2.99). The free version only allows you to play 1-player games, while the paid gets you the joy of playing against others.

The official description says “LightBike is a 3D game application for iPhone. You drive the LightBike, which builds walls of light on your track, and beat enemies in cyberspace. Being easy and simple, LightBike excites you all!” Check out this video: (more…)


Video Review: Rogers Samsung Propel

I have to admit that when I first saw pictures of the Samsung a766 Propel I thought it would be just another texting device, however, after testing it out and playing around with it I really love it!

The Propel is a solid slider that has a full QWERTY keyboard with a nice sized screen at 2.2 inches (resolution of 220×176), weight of 107 grams. It feel that it’s been constructed very well and has taken into consideration the major use for it: texting and messages. Right off the bat you want to go in and send a text because it’s so easy to use. The actual keys on the keyboard could be a bit close, but after using this for a bit you’ll get used to it. There are also dedicated keys for the internet and camera.

Actually the camera could have been better. It’s only a 1.3 megapixel camera (3 times zoom and video capabilities). You’ll see in the video review we took some pictures and downloaded a short music video to see what the screen looked like, we felt they came a bit too pixelated for our liking and thought at minimum it could have been replaced with a 2 megapixel camera. However, it’s a nice feature to have on this cost effective device.

What is nice about the Propel is that you can put another 8GB of memory in so you can be sure that there will be more than enough room for your music/games/pics. Regarding the music, the speaker is located at the back and has some good sound to it. In our video we played a couple short songs.

Overall, the Propel is a good deal. The call quality is good and we have no issues with reception. The internet is incredibly fast which will make your browsing experience that much more enjoyable. Other features include GPS, MobileTV, Stereo Bluetooth…

The Samsung Propel is available at Rogers for the following prices:
3-year contract: $49.99
2-year contract: $99.99
1-year contract: $199.99
Outright: $249.99